Indian farm worker donates entire Hajj savings to help covid-19 victims

Faith Grigory Matyunin 30-Apr-2020

Abdurrahman Goodinabali, a 55-year-old farm worker in India, and his wife had saved funds towards embarking on the Hajj pilgrimage next year. However, when confronted with widespread poverty and suffering amidst the global pandemic, the decided to give away all their savings towards ameliorating the burden of others.

The total value of the sum has not been disclosed, however, Hajj pilgrimages – which every able-bodied Muslim is expected undertake at least once in their lifetime – are known to be expensive and usually cost several thousand dollars.

“My father had been saving money for years to go to the pilgrimage. But he felt when people around him are suffering due to the lockdown, holding on to the money would bring a curse upon him. So he decided to feed the needy,” wrote Abdurrahman’s son Elyas in a viral Facebook post.

So far Abdurrahman has bought essential food items for 25 other families in his village in Mangalore.

The number of cases of covid-19 in India stands at 27,000 with over 800 deaths.

Restrictions are gradually being relaxed and some businesses are resuming operations.