Innovative Blankets – For Health and Safety

Seek Syahirah Mokhtazar 23-Sep-2019

Some people can’t sleep with the lights on, some can’t sleep without a blanket even on the hottest of nights.

Blankets are a common household item, but it’s also important. Did you know that part of the reason our bodies gravitate towards sleeping under blankets is that it does need extra warmth at night?  Once we reach the rapid eye movement (REM) sleep cycle, our bodies lose their ability to regulate their temperature. There’s a psychological factor behind it too – we love the feeling of warmth, security, and relaxation that it gives us.

Humans can make things extra innovative, even if it’s a blanket. The most popular example would be weighted blankets, sometimes referred to as gravity blankets.



What are weighted blankets anyway? Well, they are similar to a duvet but weighs a little heavier as it’s filled with glass beads or plastic pellets instead of fiberfill.

Weighted blankets aren’t exactly new, as they have long been used to help soothe children with an autism spectrum disorder, according to

But weighted blankets makers claimed that using weighted blankets can help ease anxiety, and insomnia. The idea behind this is that the deep-pressure touch makes people feel more relaxed.

The deep pressure touch is akin to swaddling for babies, massages, or just pressure applied to our bodies. Reports have shown that using weighted blankets increases hormones that promote relaxation, thus regulates our mood and signal our brains to sleep.

While it’s not exactly practical to swaddle yourself up like a baby every night to get good sleep or get a good massage every night before sleep, weighted blankets can provide you the deep pressure touch you need to relax.

With its many benefits, weighted blankets aren’t cheap. Whether you need one, largely depends on your health concerns.


Another innovative blanket is the Sleep Mood by Satin, a home-used fire-retardant blanket. In general, our homes should be well-stocked with fire equipment in case of an emergency. Some of the common fire safety products for our homes that we should have include smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and documentation of valuables fireproof safe.

Another tool to have in the household are fire retardant blankets. This one called Sleep Mood by Satin created by a Malaysian oil and gas company called Satin Alpha Oil Field Sdn Bhd offers a home-used fire-retardant blanket that is claimed to be the first for Malaysian homes.

Unlike any other blankets, this one comes with safety traits and it’s washable too. This plush fire-retardant fleece blanket comes with a pair of hand holes that are designed as an added safety feature which could come in handy in case of an emergency.

What is fire-retardant material to begin with? It’s a material that has been treated with a substance to slow and eventually stop the spread of fire or reduce its intensity. However, it is not to be confused with fire-resistant material as this one is designed to completely resist burns and withstand heat.

Azman Zaidy Abu Hassan, the operation director for Satin Alpha Oil Field Sdn Bhd acknowledged that fire-retardant blankets are nothing new, however they are widely used in flights and hospitals.

“It’s hardly found used at home. At least not in this region,” he said.

While fire safety products are typically dull in nature, Sleep Mood by Satin is designed with a luxury concept but assures maximum comfort for users.

Azman said that the idea to turn the fire-retardant tool for home use was developed after learning about a devastating fire which took the lives of children who were sleeping.

“I said to myself, why not make the fire-retardant blankets available for home use,” he said before adding that the blankets can be great help during those crucial moments to escape to safety.

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