Inspiring our children to indulge in reading

Children Contributor
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There are many ways in which we can inspire our children to love reading books. From encouraging them to talk to us about their opinions on what they are reading and explaining to them why it is important to read, to set an example by reading ourselves, we can really make a huge difference and nurture a love for reading in them.

When children reflect on what they are reading, they are more likely to understand what they have read and find deeper meanings in the words. It will also enable them to think about what they have learnt from the book.

The more they develop this thinking process and find it enjoyable, the more it will inspire them to read.

Whenever we ask children for their opinion about something, it makes them feel better about themselves as they understand that their thoughts matter. It shows them that we do care about what they think, even if it does not always show due to various factors, such as a busy lifestyle.

Asking children for their opinion on what they have read also makes them understand the importance of having their own opinion and not just following a particular view. They will realise that it is completely acceptable for people to have their own individual opinions, and that there is a way to express these properly. These skills will also help them in the future.

Asking children what they like about reading is another effective way to inspire them to read more, as it causes them to think about what they find positive about reading, which perhaps they would not have yet thought about, especially when they are much younger and recently learnt how to read.

Explaining to children why it is important to read is a helpful way of nurturing a love for reading in them, as they will learn about how beneficial it is for them to read.

It will help them to realise that not only can reading be something fun, but it is also something extremely valuable for their learning and growth. Letting them know the benefits of reading will also help them to avoid losing the habit of reading regularly, as they are more likely to make an effort to keep something consistent when they know it is something advantageous for them.

Children learn from example and from a young age they imitate what they see around them. If they see their family members, carers, or guardians reading, they will be more likely to find an interest in it and develop the hobby themselves. When we speak to children about why we like to read it also makes them start thinking about reading more as they realise that other people also have the same hobby.

Reading certainly helps children to develop a range of skills that will be of use to them throughout their lives, regardless of which field of education or work they decide to venture into. May Allah make it easy for all our children, and may He guide them all on the straight path. Aameen.

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