Iranian airliner skids off runway and into street, all 150 passengers safe

World Faizah Kamal 27-Jan-2020
Iran Caspian Airlines plane
ID 46310837 © Evren Kalinbacak |

An Iranian passenger airliner carrying some 150 passengers skidded off the runway and into a street next to the airport in the southern city of Mahshahr on January 27, after apparently losing its landing gear in a hard landing.

No major injuries were reported. The passengers calmly exited the plane from a front door and one over the wing, still with carry-on baggage in hand, according to footage posted on the state-run TV’s website. The footage showed passengers being helped to the street below by people on the ground.

Provincial airport director Mohammad Reza Rezanian said all of the passengers had been safely escorted off the plane.

It seemed that tragedy was narrowly avoided, however, as images from the scene showed that the plane had ground to a halt not far from a populated area.

Iranian state television said the plane involved in the incident came down harder than usual and lost its landing gear as it hit the tarmac.

No landing gear was evident in the pictures of the plane after the accident, but it was not immediately clear if it failed to deploy the gear or if it had somehow collapsed as the jet hit the runway at about 9:30 a.m. local time. The accident is under investigation, officials said.

The flight from the Tehran-based airline originated in the Iranian capital.

Iranian reports identified the plane as being of the company McDonnell Douglas. Caspian Airlines only has the McDonnell Douglas MD-83s in its fleet.