Iran’s president arrives in Malaysia to attend 2019 Kuala Lumpur Summit

Faizah Kamal 18-Dec-2019

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani arrived in Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur on December 17. Rouhani was invited officially by Malaysia’s Prime Minister Mahathir Bin Mohamad to attend the Muslim leaders’ summit.

The Kuala Lumpur Summit 2019 is being held from 18-21 December with 400 figures, including 250 world leaders and authorities, as well as intellectuals from 52 countries.

The participants will discuss the most important challenges Islamic countries are facing and issues affecting the Muslim world.

Rouhani will address the leaders and officials attending the summit and explain the regional and international policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran. He will also meet with a number of the leaders and officials participating in the meeting.