Is Rizmo The Next Must-Have Toy?

Seek Syahirah Mokhtazar 14-Sep-2019

If you grew up in the 90s you’d probably remember iconic toys like Tamagotchi.

Tamagotchi was more than your average toy. You needed to care and nurture and ‘feed’ this toy we regard as digital pets. And then years later, we had Furby – the electronic fur-covered robotic toy that resembled a cross between a hamster and an owl.

Now, Japanese toymaker Tomy is hoping to breed the next ‘it’ toy with Rizmo, an interactive musical toy designed as an odd-looking furry creature. Apparently, the furry creature will evolve and change its form as you play along with it.

According to, it actually changes shape with two physical transformations, for example its eyes will glow and it will become a chatty, musical monster with a face and legs when kids cheer on the toy. If kids want to level up its transformation, they would have to sing.

Media outlets all around are anticipating this could be the top holiday toy for 2019. The toy will launch on September 14, and Rizmo will be on sale in stores and online for the price of $60.

Some of the retailers that will carry Rizmo include Target, Barns & Nobles, Books A Million, Amazon, Seventh Avenue and Best Buy.

The toys are available in shades like pink, aqua and white called Berry, Aqua and Snow. The exact type of Rizmo you purchase remains a mystery at first, but part of the fun is watching it grow and evolve into its final form over time.

Once fully grown, Rizmo can record and play back songs, play games and get this – even hold a dance party. If your kids love interactive musical toys, this might be the perfect gift to get them.

Apparently, the Rizmo has a pretty interesting backstory. An in-depth video series on Rizmo’s origins on its website describes about Rizmo’s ‘crash’ down to Earth from outer space in search of music and playtime. It’s the kids’ interactions that will help it grow and evolve.

Pretty interesting huh? Check out these videos on Rizmo.



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