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Islam for Beginners

Today's Focus
tours and travel
Society Contributor 01 Mar 2021 Tours and travel in the eyes of Islam
answer Adhan
Islam Contributor 26 Feb 2021 How should Muslims answer the Adhan?
Lady Asiya
Famous Contributor 24 Feb 2021 Lady Asiya: The brave wife of the Pharaoh
things to do on friday
Islam for Beginners Contributor 21 Feb 2021 Some of the most important things to do on Friday
Islam Contributor 21 Feb 2021 A dua that is better than hours of worship
Salah Contributor 18 Feb 2021 Khushu (Concentration) in Salah: How to achieve it?
Today's Focus
companions of the Prophet
Islam Contributor 17 Feb 2021 10 Companions of the Prophet who were promised Paradise
perform Hajj
Pilgrimage Contributor 15 Feb 2021 Reasons to perform Hajj at young age
Reading Corner
three young men
Islam for Beginners Contributor 07 Feb 2021 Lessons from the story of three young men trapped in a cave
accepting Islam
Islam for Beginners Contributor 03 Feb 2021 What are our responsibilities after accepting Islam?
Today's Focus
Safiyyah (R)
Islam Contributor 28 Jan 2021 Safiyyah (R): The 9th wife of the Prophet
Madjid Quba
Middle East Contributor 27 Jan 2021 Masjid Quba: The first mosque ever built
giving gifts
Islam for Beginners Contributor 10 Jan 2021 Giving gifts: Are there any prohibitions in Islam?
Today's Focus
Dua Contributor 05 Jan 2021 Some Dua to get rid of anxiety and frustration
Islam for Beginners Contributor 30 Dec 2020 10 Important Sunnah that we should seriously follow
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