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the evil eye
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It is normal for people to be kind to each other. However, this is not always the case for everyone. Behind a healthy normal environment, some Fitna goes silently. Such as violence, evil eye, black magic, etc. All this existed more or less all the time. However, as other tribulations have increased in this critical period of time, these tribulations have also taken the form of epidemics.

But what is the point of the evil eye? Does Islam support this? That is the subject of today’s article.

Many educated people today do not want to believe in the existence of evil eyes. Some people call it a contradiction to science, others call it superstition and blow it up. This is not our discussion for those who do not believe in Islam and deny this for the sake of science. Our discussion is for those believing brothers and sisters who are skeptical about it and do not know what Islam says about it. For this reason, we will discuss the pure Islamic belief about the evil eye in the light of the Quran and Sunnah.

Hadith about the evil eye

1) Abu Huraira (R) narrated that The Prophet (SAW) said, “Evil eye is true!” (Bukhari, Muslim)

2) Narrated from Abdullah Ibn Abbas (R): The Prophet (SAW) said, “Evil eye is true, if there was anything that would have preceded destiny, it would have been evil eye! If you are asked to take a bath for the sake of evil eye, then take a bath.” (Musnad Ahmad)

3) Narrated from Jabir (R): The Prophet (SAW) said, “After the judgment and destiny of Allah, most of my Ummah will die due to evil eye!” (Abu Dawood)

4) There is another hadith in which the Prophet (SAW) said, “Seek refuge in Allah from the evil eye because the evil eye is true!” (Tirmidhi)

There are many more authentic narrations from the Prophet (SAW) which prove that there is no doubt that evil eye is true.

The Quranic verses on this

For children

Jacob (AS) said, “O my children! (When entering the city) do not all enter through the same door, but enter through separate doors. I will not be able to save you from any provision of Allah. In Him, I have put my trust, and in Him, you also have to put your trust. ” (12: 67)

Most of the commentators have said in the context of this verse, “Jacob (AS) feared that people would have an evil eye on his children. Maybe they were healthy or beautiful. That is why the children were asked to enter the city separately. He also mentioned that these (evil eye) is in fact a matter created by Allah, there is nothing for anyone to do here. Without trusting in Allah! ”

For wealth

If you see me less in wealth and children than you, then when you entered your garden, why did you not say that what Allah wills is only so? No one has any power unless Allah gives.” (Quran 18:39)

This verse has been presented by the commentators of the Quran as proof of evil eye. If one is fascinated by something, he has to say ‘Masha-Allah’, ‘Subhanallah’ or ‘Alhamdulillah’ at the same time. If the person mentioned in the verse had been fascinated by his garden and thanked Allah and remembered Allah, then their garden might not have been ruined.

This verse also proves that one can have an evil eye on his own things. It can also affect one’s own property or own children.

For society

“When the disbelievers hear the recitation of the Quran, they look at you as if it would throw them out of their sight and they say: He is a madman!” (68: 51)

Regarding this verse, the commentators have written that a man was famous for his evil eye. The infidels of Makkah brought the man from somewhere. When the Prophet (SAW) was reciting the Qur’an, the man was trying to make an evil eye on the Prophet (SAW). When things didn’t work out, he would say, “Damn! This man is crazy (May Allah protect us from saying such). That is why nothing is happening.”

From this, it is easy to understand that many people have evil eye contact, while there are many people who are affected by the evil eye.

From the above discussion, it is to be expected that there is no ambiguity in anyone’s belief in the subject of the evil eye. It is not, however, a fundamental

belief of Islam, which has to do with faith. However, if one denies such things that are clearly proved by the Qur’an and Hadith, one’s faith will be damaged to some extent. May Allah give us the right understanding. Ameen

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