Islamic morals in society: What Muslims should know?

Islam Yara Lotfy
Islamic morals
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Islamic morals truly manifest during unusual circumstances, such as hardships crises, and adversity. Some believers might look well-mannered and polite, but that’s only when the surrounding is stable and not triggering. However, when the circumstances become unfavorable and unfortunate, they transform into a different kind of being that is opposite to the well-mannered person you once knew. In fact, conditions affect our morality, where some might change into an abusive, harsh, bashful, and vulgar person real quick. We tend to witness such transformation on a daily basis without questioning the reasons behind it or how to refrain from it.

Characteristics of non-Islamic morals

Islam is always keen on adhering to good Islamic morals under any conditions or situation. The proverb that says “the end justifies the means” has no place in our religion, rather, Islam counters any act of impiety even if it is going to lead to a righteous deed. It is crucial to know the characteristics you should refrain from. First, according to Abdullah Ibn Mas’ood:

“A believer is neither a slanderer nor a cursor, nor is he obscene or vulgar”.

In this hadith, we are told that a true Muslim stay away from being obscene, or using verbal and physical abuse. You should not be foul-mouthed. These bad Islamic morals should not be seen by you as a true believer.

Circumstances play a role

When we think about these people with the abovementioned characteristics, we tend to imagine them as poor or not educated enough. However, this is not always the case. Lots of well-educated persons who come from wealthy backgrounds acquire these non-Islamic Morals. They tend to fit the criteria of vulgarity and small-mindedness. Some of these well-educated people might give infinite excuses to defend themselves. Among these excuses are the surrounding circumstances. They justify their bad behaviors of vulgarity and obscenity by the fact that they were angry from a certain situation. Circumstances are their explanation behind triggering them to act this or that way. However, true believers should protect themselves from misbehaving in any way that upsets Allah, no matter what.

The importance of Euphemism

In order to preserve your Islamic morals, you should consider using good and acceptable language to use. Euphemism has an important role, where you can make use of it when you do not want to use overt language. For instance, when you want to refer to sexual intercourse, you should use words like marriage and intimacy. This will prevent you from expressing yourself overtly. You should include euphemistic expressions to express any physical deficits that others shy away from. Use such language to ensure that your Islamic morals are redefined and manifested regardless of the surrounding conditions.