Islamic Museums around the World

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Islamic art museum, Doha
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Many Islamic museums have been established around the world to highlight the rich chapters of Islamic history. We will learn about some of the world’s leading Islamic museums today.

Museum of Islamic Art Cairo

Egypt has the oldest, largest, and richest Islamic museum in the world. The museum is rich in many important documents of Egyptian and Arab history, and manuscripts. Among the artefacts on display are metal objects, handicrafts, carpets, stones, ceramic products, rare Qur’an manuscripts, coins, jewellery, weapons, mosques mihrab, etc. There are also rare manuscripts, copies of books, paintings, metal and porcelain utensils, jewellery, weapons, and silk items.

Australia’s first Islamic museum

The Islamic Museum of Australia was founded in 2010. It is Australia’s first Islamic museum. The history and tradition of Australian Muslims have been highlighted here. One of the museum’s objectives is to promote local Muslim culture as well as to collaborate with local and international Muslim artists.

Bahrain’s Beit Al Quran Museum

The Al Hayat Museum in Bahrain is one of the largest Islamic museums in the world. This museum is decorated with rare copies of the Qur’an and Qur’an-related topics. The Baitul Qur’an complex, built in the style of a 12th-century mosque, has a mosque, Islamic school, library, and meeting room in addition to the museum. The library has about 50,000 books written in Arabic, English, and French.

The Museum of Islamic Art in Berlin

One of the richest museums in Europe is the Pergamon Museum. It’s the oldest museum in the world after the Cairo Museum. The Museum of Islamic Art, a new museum, was established in 1904 to separate the Islamic and Muslim sections of the museum. However, it was completely separated in 1950. The Islamic Museum has a rich library, with important books on Islamic art and archaeology.

There are several Islamic museums in Mecca

‘The Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage’ lists several Islamic museums in Mecca. Millions of pilgrims who come every year to perform Hajj and Umrah visit these museums. The Al Haramain Museum in Mecca is at the top of the list of favourite visitors. This huge museum of seven halls has ancient doors of the Kaaba, hand-painted Qur’an, rare paintings, specimens of Islamic architecture, etc. Besides, there are archaeological sites, ancient manuscripts, palaces, and pilgrimage portraits.

The Islamic Arts Museum, Malaysia

The Islamic Arts Museum, the largest Islamic museum in South Asia, is located in the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. There are about 7,000 commemorative and vestige in 12 exhibition halls, including hand-written Qur’an, replicas of Islamic architecture, jewellery, ceramics, glassware, clothing, weapons, armour, etc.

Islamic Museum, Jerusalem

The Islamic Museum is located near the historic Al Aqsa Mosque. The Islamic Museum was founded in 1922 by the decision of the Higher Islamic Council of Jerusalem and is the first museum in Jerusalem. The Jerusalem Islamic Museum has many rare and thousand-year-old artefacts from the golden age of Islamic rule. The Islamic Museum of Jerusalem is proud of its rich collection of rare and historic Qur’ans.

The Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar

The Museum of Islamic Art is said to be the most modern Islamic museum in the world, located on the shores of Doha Bay in Qatar. The space inside the museum is about four square feet. The five-story museum houses many important documents, inscriptions, utensils, jewellery, weapons, and manuscripts of Arabic history. Every year, five million people visit this popular museum in Qatar.