Islamic Shariah: The aims and objectives

Islam Tamalika Basu
Islamic Shariah
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Shariah literally carries two meanings.

1. The first is related to the Creator Allah so that all aspects of human life are included.

2. The other specifically includes Islamic law or Fiqh.

In the broadest sense, Islamic Shariah is the best way for mankind to follow the rules and regulations of Islam. Shariah shows human life a clear and simple path that leads man to progress, advancement, and perfection, and ultimately man finds the path to the satisfaction of Allah.

The word ‘Deen’ has a deep connection with the word ‘Shariah’. ‘Deen’ means surrender or following. And Shariah is to follow the religion of Allah in the way taught by the Prophet (SAW).

The concept of Islamic Shariah

The word Shariah literally means ‘the way to walk’. In Islamic terms, Islamic Shariah is an indicator of how Muslims will lead their lives in the light of the Holy Quran and Sunnah, and how they will solve various problems. Islamic Sharia is an essential element of Muslim life. Without this, it is not possible for anyone to live in an Islamic way.

According to the jurists, Shariah refers to the commands, prohibitions, and guidelines which Allah the Almighty has issued to His servants. Allah has issued these commands for the purpose that people will believe in Him and live in obedience to these commands. These prohibitions, laws, teachings, and principles pervade all aspects and sections of human life. Such as worship, morality, tastes, behavior, political and economic issues, and individual and collective interests.

Classification of Shariah

Islamic Shariah as a whole can be divided into three main parts.

1) Aqeedah (Belief)

The word ‘Aqeedah’ literally means strong belief. From the Islamic point of view, Aqeedah means having a strong belief in Allah, His Prophet Muhammad (SAW), and the Hereafter. Belief is the main basis of Islam and the primary condition for being a true Muslim. Beliefs are reflected in the actions of

Muslims. The Prophet (SAW) said, “Islam is like a building whose foundation is belief.”

2) Fiqh (Jurisprudence)

Fiqh means Islamic law. The lexical meaning of the word Fiqh is deep knowledge or understanding, to perceive and memorize something, and to review for the purpose of knowing the reality. And in the terminological sense, Fiqh is the name of knowledge or learning, which seeks to realize the provisions of the Shariah by conducting theoretical research with detailed evidence and reality. In other words, Fiqh is the rules, regulations, and laws of human life. In a word, it is the jurisprudence of Islam.

3) Akhlaq (Behavior)

The word ‘Akhlaq’ means behavior or character. Akhlaq means both virtuous and virtuous character. Morality refers to the behavior, tastes, or morality of a Muslim, which influences his actions. . Taqwa, honesty, righteousness, trustworthiness, decency, etc. are the virtuous character. And lies, dishonesty, betrayal of trust, arrogance, etc. belong to the vicious character. Talking about the importance of virtuous character, the Prophet (SAW) said, “The best of you are those whose behavior is good and whose character is the most beautiful.” (Bukhari)

The aims and objectives of Islamic Shariah

The main purpose of Islamic Shariah is to accelerate the welfare of society, to prevent evil, and to achieve all the welfare of humanity. In particular, the purpose of Shariah can be described in the following five general principles.

1) Preserving the religion

The purpose of Shariah is to preserve and protect the religion of Islam in any situation. Because religion is the essence of life.

2) Preservation of life

One of the purposes of Shariah is to provide security for human life. Just as a man cannot kill another man, he cannot harm him in any way. The main goal of Shariah is to protect human life as a whole.

3) Preservation of lineage

One of the goals of Shariah is to ensure that the lineage of human beings is continued and protected. Just as human beings have been given the right to have children in a tasteful and sacred way, so too has illicit sex before and after marriage been forbidden in Islam.

4) Preservation of conscience

Preserving conscience in any environment and situation is one of the goals of Islamic Shariah. Any drug is prohibited or forbidden for the full preservation of conscience and mental state.

5) Preservation of wealth

One of the purposes of Shariah is to preserve the hard-earned money and wealth of the people. The Quran also emphasizes this point. Allah says, “And do not unjustly devour the property of each other, nor take their cases to judges in order that you may wrongfully devour a portion of other peoples’ property on purpose.” (2:188)

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