Isra’ and Mi’raj – The night of power

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Arabic calligraphy of Prophet Muhammad. Isra and Mi'raj - means; two parts of the Prophet Muhammad's Night Journey © Haris Amrullah |

One of the greatest miracles Allah (SWT) bestowed upon the Holy Prophet (SAW) was the night journey, also known as the journey to Isra’ and Mi’raj.

Following the year of great sadness in which the Holy Prophet (SAW) endured the loss of his adored wife Hazrat Khadija (RA) and his beloved uncle Abu Talib. this glorious event took place on the 27th of Rajab before the Holy Prophet (SAW)’s migration to Madinah.

Angel Jibril was sent by Allah (SWT) to physically take the Holy Prophet (SAW) from Makkah to Masjid-e-Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem, a distance of over 1200km in one night. This is the first part of the journey and it is famous by the name of Isra’.

Allah (SWT) says in the Holy Quran, “Glory be to Him, who carried His servant by night from the Holy Mosque to the Further Mosque the precincts of which We have blessed, that We might show him some of Our signs. He is the All-hearing, the All-seeing” (Quran 17:1)

Throughout the journey, the Holy Prophet (SAW) travelled on Buraq, a mule-like creature that could travel miles in a blink of an eye. At Masjid-e-Al-Aqsa the Holy Prophet (SAW) met the Prophets who came before him to spread the message of Allah (SWT) and led them in prayer.

After the prayer, a notable incident took place. Angel Jibril offered the Holy Prophet (SAW) two cups, one filled with milk and the other filled with wine. The Holy Prophet (SAW) chose the cup with milk and drank from it. Angel Jibril told the Holy Prophet (SAW) that if he had consumed the wine, his Ummah would have gone astray.

Incidents after this event are known as Mi’raj. The Holy Prophet (SAW) ascended to the seven heavens one after another where he met Hazrat

Adam, Hazrat Isa, Hazrat Yahya, Hazrat Idris, Hazrat Haroon, Hazrat Musa, and Hazrat Ibrahim.

Finally, the Holy Prophet (SAW) arrived at Sidra-ul-Muntaha, the upper boundary of the seventh heaven and the lower boundary of paradise. Only the Holy Prophet (SAW) was permitted to go beyond this point.

Allah (SWT) blessed the Holy Prophet (SAW) with his divine presence. During this spiritual event, Allah (SWT) gifted the Holy Prophet (SAW) Salah, 50 times a day. After receiving the command from Allah (SWT) the Holy Prophet (SAW) left to return back to Earth.

On the way back, the Holy Prophet (SAW) informed Hazrat Musa about the command to perform Salah 50-times a day. Hazrat Musa keeping in mind the situation of the Muslims asked the Holy Prophet (SAW) to request Allah (SWT) to decrease the number of prayers per day.

The Holy Prophet (SAW) returned with the command of praying 40-times a day. Hazrat Musa urged the Holy Prophet (SAW) again to reduce the number of prayers. The Holy Prophet (SAW) was sent back by Hazrat Musa until the prayers were reduced to 5 times a day.

The Holy Prophet (SAW) returned to Earth on the Buraq with the gift of Salah for the Muslim Ummah.

The night journey has immense significance for us Muslims because Allah (SWT) blessed the Holy Prophet (SAW) with a method that we Muslims can use to repent for our sins 5 times a day.

As Muslims, we should never forget the significance of Salah in our life. By practicing Salah 5 times a day, we remain closer to Allah (SWT) and we seek his forgiveness at all times.

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