Italians return to work as lockdown is eased

World Grigory Matyunin 04-May-2020

Four million Italians have returned to work today as the country eases the longest lockdown in Europe introduced to curtail the spread of coronavirus. Italy was among hardest-hit countries with the second highest death toll after the United States.

Various other countries have also eased restrictions including Spain, Malaysia, Tunisia and Lebanon. They have commenced the process of reopening their economies and permitted such businesses as factories and construction sites to resume operations. In the US, a large number of states have partially lifted lockdowns over the weekend.

The daily increase in coronavirus diagnoses currently stands at 2-3 percent, a significant fall from March’s peak of 13 percent. Global cases are estimated at 3.52 million, however, it is important to highlight that this figure will not include those with mild symptoms who will not have received an official diagnosis.

Italian PM Giuseppe Conte has stated that his country remained ‘in the full throes of the pandemic’. Restrictions are therefore being eased gradually. A large number of businesses must remain closed until the 18th May. Places of study, cinemas and theatres will remain shut indefinitely.

Lockdowns are being lifted gradually throughout the world. Beirut has allowed restaurants to open, however, they must operate at 30 percent of their normal capacity in order to maintain social distancing.

Iran is reopening mosques in 132 cities. Worshippers are expected to wear gloves and masks as well as maintain social distancing. Schools will reopen on the 16th May.

The United Kingdom remains under lockdown.