Joker Is No Joke!

Senses Shah Shamshiri 05-Oct-2019

Undoubtedly one of the most notorious supervillains in the world of DC comics, The Joker has withstood the test of time. His character continues to live on in comics, TV series and films from the 1940’s until the present millennia.

Like most ‘bad guys’ in movies, supervillains are seldom placed under the spotlight as the main star but usually depicted in a relatively prominent supporting role to complete the screenplay.

However, this time the arch nemesis of Batman re-emerges in his very own movie explaining how he came to be.

Much awaited by many, Joker this time is cleverly interpreted by Joaquin Phoenix who plays Arthur Fleck, a citizen of Gotham City who lives with his sick mother in a small apartment.

The movie unveils how Arthur, since a very young age has been living with abuse and bullying by people around him due to his strange demeanour. As he grows up into an adult, he discovers that he has a strange medical condition where he randomly breaks into laughter and is unable to control it.

Having a passion for comedy, the lonely Arthur dreams of becoming a stand-up comedian and tries his best to get the attention he craves. But things turn for the worst when he loses his day-job as a clown! (That’s right he works as a clown). Then one mishap after another leads Arthur to turn violent as he learns of his mother’s true identity and his own disturbing dark past.

In the true style of movies from the world of DC comics, the film breathes a ‘darker’ ambience compared to most comic book – inspired  films from other franchise groups.

With a psychopathic supervillain as the main character, audiences will be fed with their fair share of gore and blood to embody The Joker’s true nature who loves to see his enemies suffer in pain.

The outstanding performance given by Phoenix also adds the extra value to the movie making it a must-watch for fans of Batman and (if there are any), the Joker himself.

Definitely not for the faint-hearted, or little children, The Joker is evidently not a joke!

The film begins screening in all Malaysian cinemas starting October 3rd 2019.