Keeping busy improves our emotional wellbeing

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When we aim to keep our schedules busy, it helps us in many ways to improve our emotional wellbeing.

On the days when we are not as busy, sometimes we may notice that our minds begin to drift and we have time to think about our worries. We start to think about each worry individually, without realising how much time has gone by and how deeply those thoughts have affected us.

When we are not occupied, we may feel that we do not know what else to think about or do, even though we know at the back of our minds that we do have things to do. This procrastination can lead us to negative thoughts.

We could try to note down a to-do list in a clear way, as a list that is more detailed may overwhelm us and make us more likely to avoid being productive. As much as it is important to note down important and essential tasks, it is equally important for our emotional wellbeing for us to think about what we are looking forward to, even if these are small things.

For example, we may be looking forward to something as simple as the cup of coffee we have in the morning, or the daily walk we go for. Perhaps we are looking forward to the weekend, or the short break we take to have lunch each day. Focusing on the little moments in life that make us happy lead us to become more grateful for what Allah had blessed us with, which therefore makes us feel happier too. Being grateful more regularly will also remind us that there are people who do not have these blessings.

Setting ourselves short-term as well as long-term ambitions will also help us to keep ourselves busy. This is because once we have outlined our aims, whether digitally, on paper, or through any other method, we will be motivating ourselves to think about what we want to achieve in life. When we remind ourselves of these aims each day, whether we are feeling happy or low on that day, it will help us to feel more stable. We will realise that low phases are just a part of this life’s test, and we still have our aims to motivate us.

May Allah help us all to find peace and increase our remembrance of Him. Aameen.

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