Khadijah (R): The most beloved wife of the Prophet

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Khadija (R)

Khadijah (R) was the first wife of the Prophet (SAW). She was also the first convert to Islam. She had many important contributions to the Prophet’s life. The summary of which is given below-

Birth and lineage

Khadijah (R) was born in 555 AD in the holy city of Makkah. She was the second child of the famous merchants of Makkah, Khuwaylid. Her mother’s name was Fatima bint Zayd. Her nickname was ‘Umm Al-Hind’ and her title was ‘Tahira’.

To Muslims, she is known as ‘Umm al-Muminin Khadijah (R)’. Her lineage has been merged with the Prophet (SAW) through Qusai, the eldest male of the patriarchal lineage. Khadijah (R) was a wealthy, influential, intelligent, and wise woman by inheritance. She was also very beautiful.

Businesswoman Khadijah (R)

She looked after her father’s business while her father was alive. Although she had two more brothers and three sisters. Yet because of her intelligence, she was in charge of running her father’s business.

Attracted by the genius of the Prophet

She appointed the Prophet (SAW) as his business representative. As an accomplice, she sent her faithful slave Maysara with the Prophet (SAW). The Prophet (SAW) returned to Makkah after selling the goods of Khadijah and buying the useful goods for Makkah. By selling these products he made more than twice as much profit as at other times.

After hearing everything from the faithful slave Maysara about the business trip, she was impressed by the characteristics and qualities of the Prophet (SAW) and proposed to him for marriage. However, many rich and aristocratic people of Makkah had earlier offered her marriage but she did not accept it.

Marriage and children

Khadijah (R) was then 40 years old and the Prophet (SAW) was 25 years old. In this way, Allah arranged the marriage of Al-Amin (the faithful) with Tahira (the

holy woman) at the age of ignorance. Khadijah (R) bears the expenses of both parties in the marriage.

She gave birth to a total of six children, including two sons and four daughters. The first child, Qasim, died in Makkah at an early age. The third child, Abdullah, was born after the Prophet (SAW) received his prophethood. Abdullah died at an early age. The second child is Zaynab, the fourth is Rukaiya, the fifth is Umme Kulsum and the sixth is Fatima.

Khadijah (R) in the service of the Prophet

Khadijah (R) knew in advance that her husband would receive prophethood. That is why she used to help the Prophet in every possible way while he was meditating in the cave of Hera before he attained prophethood.

When the Prophet (SAW) was frightened at the first meeting with Gabriel Khadijah said to him fearfully, “You have never harmed anyone, so no one will harm you.” She even took him to her cousin Waraqa bin Nawfel, an expert on the Torah, to give him mental strength.

The first convert to Islam

Fifteen years after his marriage to Khadijah, the Prophet (SAW) received prophethood. Khadijah (R) was the first person in the history of Islam to have the good fortune to convert to Islam. After converting to Islam, Khadijah (R) handed over all her wealth to the Prophet (SAW) for the purpose of religion.

Patience and endurance

After attaining prophethood, the Prophet (SAW) gave up business and devoted himself completely to the worship of Allah and the work of Islam. All the income source was stopped. With patience and forbearance, Khadijah (R) faced all these adversities.

The pain that the Prophet (SAW) used to feel due to the rejection and disbelief of the polytheists in the call of Islam, would have been relieved by Khadijah (R). Khadijah (R) used to comfort him, give him courage and encouragement. She even used to point out to the Prophet (SAW) all the tortures and rude behavior of the polytheists as very light and insignificant. So that, the Prophet may have peace of mind.

Gained superiority among wives

Khadijah (R) was the only wife of the Prophet (SAW) during her lifetime. She was also the first wife of the Prophet (SAW). All the children of the Prophet except Ibrahim were born in the womb of Khadijah (R). From many hadiths, we can easily say that her place was the highest among all the wives of the Prophet.


This majestic woman died in Makkah at the age of 65 on the 10th of Ramadan in the tenth year of the Prophethood, after twenty-five years of marriage with the Prophet (SAW). The Prophet (SAW) himself put her body in the grave. As there was no provision for funeral prayers at the time of her death, she was buried in ‘Jannat Al-Muwalla’ of Makkah without funeral prayer.

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