Kids imitate their parents, so be careful!

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Like father like son

Due to the general worsening conditions of Muslim Ummah today, our children only hear their parents complaining about the supremacy of its enemies and challenges faced by the ummah. These negative thoughts are transmitted to our children. This kind of thoughts de-motivates the kids and makes them good complainers only.

The positive person is the one who enjoys self-confidence, a sense of calmness, the ability to listen, acceptance of new ideas, and having the spirit that it is never too late; so he never gives up.

In my opinion, the child’s feelings and mentality depend upon the way of thinking of his family. That is why parents need to be very conscious in upbringing their children.

Ibraaheem, may Allah exalt his mention, taught his son positivity:

Ibraaheem may Allah exalt his mention positively confronted his father and people. He said:

“O my father, do not worship Satan. Indeed Satan has ever been, to The Most Merciful, disobedient”

“What are these statues to which you are devoted?” [Quran 21:52]

“off to you and to what you worship instead of Allah. Then will you not use reason?”[Quran 21:67]

He was positive and brave when his people tried to burn him, so Allah The Almighty saved him from the fire.

When Allah The Almighty commanded to build Ka’abh, this father was positive and actively implemented, His command and asked his son for help. Of course, the child with a positive response started helping his father.

Allah The Almighty says: {And [mention] when Ibraaheem (Abraham) was raising the foundation of the House and [with him] Ismaa’eel (Ishmael)…}[Quran 2:127]

That is why Allah mentions this positive son in Quran, Ismaa’eel. Indeed, he was a Prophet and a messenger who was true to his promise.

A positive example

Mu’aawiyah ibn Qurrah may Allah have mercy upon him said,” I was walking with Ma’qil ibn Yasar and we passed by a harmful object on the road. Therefore, he removed it or put it away (positive action). Later, we passed by a similar harmful object and I put it away (positive action). He took me by the hand and said,’O nephew, why did you do so?’ I said, ‘I saw you doing this, so I imitated you.’”

Parents are role-model for their children

Dear educator, a child follows those who are all the time around them. If a father is negative, the child will also acquire negative qualities from him.

The imitation ability of a child at a very young age is wonderful. Through imitation child learns observation, listening, values, traditions, and the right to choose. Therefore, as a parent, we need to be very conscious about our actions because our children are following us.

Let explain it with the best example:

If you are traveling in your car and your child is sitting beside you. And if unfortunately, a road accident happens and you do not stop your car there for help, your child will observe this incident and will never forget it. In such a case, your child adopts this negative behavior from you and will do the same later in his life as you did.

And then when he adopts negativity, so it would be very difficult to change his negative behavior into positive.

Imam Al-Gazzaali may Allah have mercy upon him says,

“The child is a trust in the hands of his parents, and his pure heart is an unblemished precious stone, free of any engraving or form. It is amenable to being engraved and molded in any direction. If it is trained and taught to be good, it will be raised upon this. Such a child will be happy in this world and the next, and his parents, teachers, and educators will all share in his reward.”

Dear educators, we can call positive fathers successful parents.

Children observe more than what they hear. They observe their parents and imitate the way they behave. If we want to see our children well mannered and positive, so we need to be very fair in our actions.

It is said, “Instruction at a young age is like engraving in stone.”



(Written by Freelance Journalist Sadaf Riaz)

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