Korea’s Halal Restaurant Week Returns

Savour Syahirah Mokhtazar 03-Sep-2019

From K-pop to K-drama to K-beauty, the world continues to be infatuated by Korean’s culture. Now the Korean food trend has steadily gained popularity, capturing the hearts of foodies all over. Bibimbap, Korean BBQ, bulgogi, japchae, kimchi, ddukbokki, we can’t get enough of it too!

As the hot summer air leaves and make way for the crisp autumn air, perhaps now is the best time to visit and explore South Korea. Many cultural events will take place throughout the month of September and October with one of it being the Halal Restaurant Week Korea.

The Halal Restaurant Week Korea, organised by Korea Tourism Organisation is an annual event held to promote halal and Muslim-friendly restaurants in Korea to travelers all over the world.

Without a doubt, food is always primary problem endured by Muslim tourists when traveling due to the struggle in finding Halal food. This event seeks to combine the excellence of Korean cuisine and its adaptability to Halal requirements.

Visitors to Korea during this period, both Muslims and other foreign tourists, will have access to discounts and other benefits from KTO-designated “Muslim Friendly Restaurants” and major tourist sites. This year’s event will include 152 Muslim-friendly restaurants and 40 major tourist sites and experience programs to allow a greater range of benefits compared to the last year’s event. The list of participating organizations and discounts available can be found on the official web page of the event (www.hrwkorea.or.kr).

Visitors will also have access to Halal Restaurant Week Korea coupon book through the KTO offices in major Muslim-tourist regions (Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Bangkok, New Delhi, Dubai, Istanbul, Almaty).

This coupon book includes discount coupons usable in Muslim-friendly restaurants with values of KRW 3,000 and KRW 10,000 as well as the coupons for each key attraction and experience program.

In addition, 54 Muslim-friendly restaurants will offer special set menus during the promotion period and coupon discounts up to KRW 10,000. The coupons can be downloaded from mobile platforms and the official web page of the event (www.hrwkorea.or.kr).

According to the website, the participating restaurants will be classified into 4 categories and they are Halal Certified (restaurants certified by an accredited halal certification agency such as Korea Muslim Federation (KMF), Self-Certified (restaurants certified as halal by Muslim restaurant owners themselves), Muslim Friendly (restaurants that serve halal dishes but alcohol may be sold) and Pork Free (restaurants that do not offer halal menus but do not use pork and alcohol may be sold).

Besides Halal Restaurant Week Korea, other events tourists can look forward to are Seoul Street Arts Festival (SSAF, October 3-6) and major K-Wave festivals like the Busan One Asia Festival (BOF, October 19-25).

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Source: PR Newswire and Korean Tourism Organisation