Learn the difference between data security and data privacy

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After the incident of the Muslim pro app, the worldwide Muslim community is very much concerned about their data and the safety of data and information. The Muslim world and the internet are buzzing with a lot of new technical words like phishing, malware, data security, data privacy, and so on. Although everything is related to data, not every term means the same. For example, data privacy and data security are used as synonyms. In reality, these two terms are not synonymous at all. The more of share a symbiotic kind of relationship.

Let us take an example, a home security system protects the privacy and integrity of a house. Similarly, a data security policy ensures the privacy of the data harboring online. When a business or organization deals with the private information of its clients, it must enact an effective and efficient data security policy for the protection of this data. So we can say, data privacy is the objective and data security is the way.

1. What is Data Security?

Everything about data security is being confidential! It is considered as confidentiality, availability, privacy, and integrity of data! We may say the techniques to ensure the client’s data isn’t being used by unauthorized hackers or parties. Data security enables that the data is correct and available for the actual user. It is actually a way of collecting only the required information, safeguarding it, and destroying unimportant or no longer needed information. This way the data security helps any organization to meet the legal obligations of possessing sensitive information.

2. What is Data privacy?

Data privacy is nothing but proper usage of information. When organizations and clients use information that is entrusted to them, the data should be utilized according to the agreement of purposes. The companies which negate the security of privacy must face penalties. In some cases, companies have sold or disclosed the clients’ information to other parties without getting prior approval.

3. Understanding the difference is important:

Understanding the difference between data security and data privacy is important. A business can face a lot of problems if it does not address this specific difference. As an organization, it is your responsibility to keep your and your clients’ data secure. It also means protecting your employees’ and other contacts’ information safe and secure. Without a proper data security system, there can be a lot of scenarios;

Firstly, if an organization doesn’t have proper security measures, it is at risk. Multi-factor Authentication, Multi-Device management, Identity management is very much important for data security and privacy. Your data is your most important asset. If a data breach occurs, your business and good name will suffer a lot. There is a survey that tells, about 60-70% of hacked medium-sized businesses go out of business within 6 months.

Secondly, if you don’t understand what is the difference between data security and data privacy you can actually violate various kinds of regulations. For example, a healthcare company must not share sensitive patient information. If it does, it can face legal problems. The data should also not be sold without the client’s consent.

If you do so you will actually violate the law and your clients will leave you for your competitor. It will be significant for your revenue and reputation.

In conclusion, data security focuses on the technology required to prevent cybercriminals from getting access to your information online. Data privacy is complying with local and federal laws to ensure your organization is law-abiding. Both are important for a halal and honest business.

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