Lessons from the story of three young men trapped in a cave

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three young men
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Three young men from the son of Israel went out for a walk and fell into danger. All three of them were sincere worshipers of Allah. They were saved from that danger by their former good deeds. The incident is narrated from the hadith-

Narrated from Abdullah bin Omar (R), the Prophet (peace be upon him) said:

“Three young men from the son of Israel were walking in a jungle. At that time they fell in the face of rain. Then they took refuge in a cave to escape from the rain. Suddenly a large piece of rock fell from the top of the hill and closed the front part of the cave. Then they thought of some good deeds they had done and started asking Allah for help.

One of them said,

“O my Lord, my parents were very old and sick. I had also small children. I used to offer my parents their nightly drink of milk before my children.

One day I went astray far away and when I returned I saw my parents gone asleep. I milked the animals and brought the nightly drink to my parents. As they were sleeping, I did not like to disturb them, nor would give any part of the milk to my children and other members of the family till after my parents had their drink.

Thus, with the vessel in hand, I waited for their awakening till the flush of dawn. Besides my children cried out of hunger at my feet. When they woke up, at first, they had their drink. And then I feed my children.

O Allah! You know, if I did it just for your satisfaction, please remove the rock for us.” After this, the rock moved a little but not enough to let them pass out.

The second man said,

“O Allah! I had a cousin. As much as men love women, I love her even more. I tried to seduce her but she would refuse me. After some days, in a season of great hardship due to famine, she came to me for help and I gave her one hundred and twenty Dinars on the condition that she would have sexual intercourse with me in solitude. Not getting any way, she agreed. When we got

together and I was just going to have intercourse with her, she shouted, ‘Fear Allah, and don’t break the seal unlawfully’. Upon hearing this, I stood up.

O Allah! You know, if I did it just for your satisfaction, please remove the rock for us. ” After this, the rock moved a little more. But again not enough to let them pass out.

The third man said,

“O Allah! I hired a laborer in exchange for a small amount. He finished his work. When I went to pay him, he didn’t take it. I started working in agriculture with it. By this, I collected many cows and herdsmen. A few days later, he came to me and said, ‘Fear Allah, give me my wages.’ I said, ‘take all these cows and herdsmen.’ He said, “don’t joke with me.’ Then I told him everything. I said, ‘I’m not joking with you, take those.’ Then he took all and didn’t leave a single one for me.

O Allah! You know, if I do this to please you, then remove the rest of the rock for us.”

Then Allah removed the whole rock for them and save them from this danger.

The lessons learned from Hadith

1. The servant will always call on Allah in any need, either he is in happiness or in sorrow.

2. Whatever worship is done for the sake of Allah, it is essential to have complete sincerity in it. Complete success is not possible without devotional worship.

Each of these three men’s work was sincere and only to please Allah. That’s why Allah saved them from danger through this sincere worship.

3. Parents should be treated kindly. They should be given priority over our wives and children.

4. The worker has to pay his fair share.

5. Honest deeds can be said in supplication to escape from danger.

May Allah grant us to worship Him with devotion and give us success in this world and in the hereafter. Ameen.

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