Life and contributions of Abu Huraiah (RA)

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Abu Huraiah (RA)
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“I grew up as an orphan. I emigrated as a poor person. Also, I used to serve Ghazwan’s daughter, Bussra. I used to serve others when they stopped on the road and I drove camels. Then Allah made it possible for me to marry (the same) Bussrah. All praise be to Allah who has strengthened His religion and made me an Imam.” said by the man who succeeded in attaining a high position in the Islamic history, referring to Abd Al-Rahman ibn Sakhr Al-Azdi, known as Abu Hurairah (RA).

Birth of Abu Huraiah (RA)

By digging deep into his past, Abu Hurairah (the father of a cat) was born 19 years pre-Hijrah to an arabian tribe called Banu Daws in Baha. His name was driven from his love and affection towards animals, especially the cats. His journey started by compagning the Prophet (PBUH) during the Khaybar campaign to seek knowledge and to learn Quran and hadiths. As an illiterate, he depended mostly on memorizing the Hadiths until he reached the highest number of narrated hadiths compared to Muhaajiroon and the Ansaar.

Raised by a nonbeliever mother, Abu Hurairah tried several times to invite her to Islam but she kept on refusing until he sought the prayers of the Prophet (PBUH).

The Messenger of Allah said, “O Allah! Guide the mother of Abu Hurayrah to the right path.” only then Allah(SWT) answered his prayers and she embraced Islam.

His struggles with poverty

Abu Hurairah was extremely poor and suffered from hunger on a daily basis to the extent that he used to tie a stone on his stomach to sleep.

He said: “ One day, I sat by the way where people used to walk. When Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased with him, passed by, I asked him about a verse in the Noble Quran and my only purpose in asking him was that he might satisfy my hunger, but he passed by and did not do so.

Contributions of Abu Huraiah (RA)

Known for his faith, devotion, and hunger for knowledge, Abu Hurairah (RA) made his house a mosque for people to pray in, where he divided the hours of the night upon him, his wife and the servant to allow the maximum number of people to pray. As a result of his endless efforts in delivering knowledge and narrating hadiths, Abu Hurairah (RA) attained the position as a ruler of Bahrain during Umar Ebn al Khatab’s caliphate. Additionally, he was the vice-ruler of Al Madinah under Marwaan ibn Al-Hakam.

Abu Hurairah devoted his life to Allah (SWT) and to the love of people until his death in 59 A.H at the age of 78 in Al-Baquee’.

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