Long-awaited mosque will open in Athens this year

ID 143434026 © Natallia Pershaj | Dreamstime.com

A long-awaited mosque will open later this year in the Greek capital of Athens. Coronavirus has obstructed preparations.

“Procedures were to a certain extent delayed during the pandemic, but we are speeding up work and aim to have the mosque running by the end of autumn,” the ministry of education and religious affairs stated.

Government sources also stated that it was realistic to expect the mosque to open by the end of October providing no more lockdowns have to be enforced.

The Athens mosque was completed with state funding last year. It can accommodate up to 350 worshippers.

The only officially sanctioned mosques in Greece are those on the northern border. Elsewhere Muslims pray in flats and basements. Athens is the only European capital without an official mosque.

Athens alone has 250,000 Muslims.

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