Looking For Love? Halal Dating Apps Are Here To Help

You want to find love. You’re adamant on finding ‘the one’.  But many Muslim millennials grapple  with finding the middle ground to foster romantic relationships ‘the halal way’ in this Tinder-hook up culture.

Others, might also struggle with the older generation’s perception which expects the millennials to have found someone compatible to marry by their mid-20s. This, despite them frowning upon the idea of ‘dating’ as the term is still linked to its Western origins where it implies underlying expectations of sexual interactions before marriage, which of course, is prohibited in Islam. So how do we align our religious values with dating?

People not understanding how Muslim relationships work is nothing new. Many might not understand why the need for women to cover the hair or why we fast during Ramadan – what more understanding how ‘Muslim dating’ works especially since it lacks intimacy before marriage. That’s why we often hear our parents’ generation dive straight into marriage without going through the dating phase.

Ideally, the millennials would want more control over how we want to find love, and who we choose to spend the rest of our lives with. Some of us may not want to look for hook-ups through Tinder, but neither do we want to be set up by parents or family members.

Platforms like Minder, a halal dating app much like Tinder is a great and positive place for single Muslims to interact with other singles. Simply put, it’s an easy and trendier way to be exposed to a potential partner.  The difference between Minder and dating apps like Tinder or OK Cupid is that the ultimate goal for Minder is ideally marriage. “Swipe.Match.Marry” is the tagline shown on the website. It doesn’t get any clearer than that.


This means that the flirting stage is akin to a screening process, as men and women examine whether the potential candidate can become their spouse.

Minder was launched in 2015, and has had more than 500,000 sign-ups since. According to cnet.com, the CEO of Minder, Haroon Mokhtarzada was inspired to create the app after meeting several well educated and highly eligible Muslim women who struggled to find the right guy to marry.

In the world of technology where possibilities are endless, he figured this platform could help. When creating a profile, one can indicate his or her level of religiosity. You can even choose to indicate how soon you want to get married! It also asks to describe which branch of Islam you belong to, either Sunni or Shia for example.

But like Tinder, it doesn’t come short without creative and quirky bios like: “Trying to avoid an arranged marriage to my cousin.”

Another bio earnestly read: “Looking for a Khadija in a world of Kardashians.”

Jokes aside, these details, can help users to be more transparent in what they are looking for. One might not be as religious as the other, some might look for something more casual while others might be seeking a serious relationship that will hopefully lead to marriage.

Besides Minder, there are several other apps like Muzmatch which currently has one million members to date. The features differ from Minder in a sense that you will actually get notified if someone swipes right on you. Muzmatch also asks how often one prays.

Another app would be Eshq, the app which lets women make the first move. Based on cnet.com, Mariam Bahawdory the founder of Eshq says users can choose whether they want to use the app for marriage, dating or friendship. The idea came after she spoke with women who complained about men not knowing how to initiate conversations.

With the available apps offered it truly is revolutionising the way Muslims are meeting. Would you choose to connect with people through these halal dating apps?

Photo credit: datingscout.co.uk