Provisions of Islam about Mahr in marriage

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Mahr in marriage
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According to Islamic Shariah, marriage is obligatory for all able-bodied adult men and women. Regarding marriage, Allah the Almighty says, “Marry whomever you wish from among the women. If you can do justice to all, then two, three or (maximum) four. Otherwise one…” (4: 3)

Marriage is also very important in normal life. That is why the Prophet (SAW) said, “Get Married. Because it lowers the eye and protects the place of shame. ”

Islamic Shariah has imposed certain conditions for marriage, the main one being Mahr.

Mahr’s identity

Giving a certain amount of money or something to make the wife halal is called Mahr. Mahr is a woman’s right. It is not a gift that is given if one wants to, and not given if one does not want to.

Quran about Mahr

Allah says: “And give the women [upon marriage] their bridal gifts (Mahr) graciously. But if they give up willingly to you anything of it, then take it in satisfaction and ease.” (4: 4)

In addition, verse 24 of Surah An-Nisa and verse 10 of Surah Mumtahina have been mentioned in the Holy Qur’an.

The above verse proves that Mahr must be paid for the purification of marriage.

Hadith about Mahr in marriage

Mahr in marriage is a woman’s right. If a person marries with the intention of not paying Mahr, he will be considered an adulterer. The Prophet (SAW) clearly said, “Whoever marries a girl with a promise of Mahr, but in reality, has no desire to pay dowry, will be forced to stand before Allah on the Day of Resurrection as an adulterer.” (Musnad Ahmad)

So it is best to explain to a woman her Mahr before marrying her.

The above hadith and various other hadiths about Mahr clearly prove that it is vital for a man to pay Mahr to a woman at the time of marriage or after marriage.

Mahr in the current social system

But sadly, the reality is that in today’s society, people have made Mahr show their social status. The bride’s side pressures the boy’s side to make the Mahr more. They think that then their daughter’s family will not break up. On the other hand, the boy’s side pressures the girl’s side to increase the dowry. In this way, a kind of game is played in the society with Mahr. And no one thinks of paying it.

In today’s society, if a boy wants to get married according to Islamic customs, it is often difficult for him to find a girl. Because no family agrees to marry their daughter in a low Mahr. Everyone is afraid that if he leaves the girl again later. The main reason for this is that we have moved far away from religious education. But the provision of Allah and His Messenger is to get married by paying Mahr. When we turned away from Islam, Satan came and took refuge. And he has introduced ‘dowry’ in society.

The amount of Mahr in marriage

There is a difference of opinion among the scholars about the minimum amount of Mahr. Many scholars are of the opinion that “the amount of Mahr agreed to by both parties will be whatever the amount of Mahr will be.” Again, according to many scholars, the minimum amount of Mahr cannot be less than a quarter of a dinar.

Umar ibn al-Khattab (R) said, “Beware! Do not increase the Mahr of women. Because if it was an object of honor in the world, the Prophet (SAW) would have been more diligent in this matter than you. But I do not know that the Prophet (SAW) married any of his wives or daughters with a large amount of Mahr. ”

For this reason, we should abandon both exaggeration and abandonment on Mahr and adopt a moderate approach. And that is to give Mahr to every person according to his ability at the time of marriage.

May Allah Almighty grant us all the grace to abide by His rules and achieve peace in this world and in the hereafter and to establish His rule at all levels of society. Ameen

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