Maintain a balanced budget in Ramadan and Eid

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Ramadan and Eid
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One of the greatest cultures of Ramadan and Eid ul Fitr is setting up the Ramadan Market! Here different sellers showcase their delicious cuisine and other objects for the consumption of pious Muslims.

This practice has a positive and a negative side. While the positive side is that it helps people who are fasting to break their fast without much effort. The negative side includes overspending. The consumption frenzy increases in Eid as it is the festival of breaking the fast.

After all, at that time we buy stuff on an empty stomach, so we are very much driven by hunger and cravings.

We must focus on Ramadan and Eid budget to restrain ourselves from overspending. Ramadan is for the purification of mind, body, and soul. It is about growing wise and focus on the more important aspects of all rewards Ramadan has to offer. Ideally, it would be apt to stick to a normal budget as generally true Muslims eat “less” during this pious month.

The true intentions of Ramadan

Abu Hurairah relates that the Holy Prophet(PBUH), said:

“Allah, the Lord of Honor and glory says: All other deeds of man are for himself, but his fasting is purely for Me and I shall reward him for it. The fast is a shield. When any of you is fasting he should restrain from loose talk and noisy exchanges. Should anyone revile him or seek to pick a quarrel with him, he should respond with: I am observing a fast. By Him in Whose hands is the life of Muhammad, the breath of one who is fasting is purer in the sight of Allah than the fragrance of musk. One who fasts experiences two joys: he is joyful when he breaks his fast, and he is joyful by virtue of his fast when he meets his Lord” (Bukhari and Muslim)

While temptations and various attractions will beacon us, we must remember that the rewards of Allah due to fasting and abstinence are more profound than we can even imagine. Therefore, with the primary intention of purifying our mind body, and spirit, we must pay attention to reduce the pressure of excessive expenditure during Ramadan and Eid.

How to put Ramadan and Eid in perspective while planning a budget

Indulge in Charity during Ramadan and Eid

Praying or making dua’s for the poor and needy is one of the best ways to put Ramadan in its real perspective. Before planning on a budget, ensure a certain amount for helping people in need. It purifies us from greed and excessive expenditure on this Holy Month.

Islam marks Sadaqah as a virtuous deed that indicates one’s Imaan. It averts all sorts of disasters and also gives spiritual power to boost early recovery from illnesses.

Be honest about your financial conditions

We all experience financial strain at various times in our lives. Therefore, be honest to yourself and to the members of your family while planning for Ramadan and Eid. It is certainly not a good idea to be in debt during this holy month.

Technically, a normal month’s budget will suffice as in Ramadan we usually fast. Even, reducing the normal budget is also possible. You can buy treats like nuts, dates and honey with the saved money. You can even buy gifts for Zakat and Sadaqah.

But, be clear about your budget and cut the coat according to your cloth.

Share Iftar arrangements

Sharing Iftar arrangements is a good way to maintain a budget. Arrange Iftar with other Muslim families to save money and enhance happiness. Some mosques arrange Iftaars in their compound. These methods include pooling resources, which is a good way to keep the budget intact.

Moreover, being surrounded by friends results in restraining overeating. As true believers remind each other to engage in all that is beneficial.

Don’t be a miser

Yes, maintaining a budget is beneficial and responsible. But, being a miser especially during Ramadan is not acceptable at all. Ramadan and Eid are festivals of love and kindness. Therefore, shower loves to your friends and family, in a responsible way. Allah Almighty never wants us to be the miser one and become the reason for our family’s sadness.

Whereas budgeting is important, but it is also a small significant part of Ramadan and Eid. We should not indulge in over expenditure and waste things. Similarly, we should not forget the real impact of Ramadan and Eid and give this budgeting a real high place. Balance is the key!

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