Making dua: An ultimate guide towards the right path

Dua Yara Lotfy
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Making dua
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Making dua is always a recharge for our spirit, no matter where or when we are. There isn’t a right or wrong timing or place to ask Allah SWT for whatever we want. Sometimes you make dua and Allah surprises you by answering you in the most unexpected way. As a believer, trust your God and be sure that he won’t leave you with empty promises. Rather, Allah will reward you for raising your hands and asking him. However, there are few tips to follow in order to properly make dua.

Here’s an ultimate guide on what to do while making dua:

Write before making dua

On a side note, or on your mobile, sit and write down the keywords you’re planning to use while making duaa. This will help you to remember every single item that you want to mention. The good news is that there is no specific length for that list, you can write it all down. Begin with brainstorming your wishes or want to be answered, and translate them into keywords. These words will help you remember all the things you wish for while making dua without needing to pause in order to recall them.

Ask Allah for anything

While making dua, always keep in mind that you’re asking El-Mujeeb(the answerer). In other words, there is no limit when it comes to asking Allah SWT. include in your dua everything and anything that comes to your mind, but you should be aware that they should halal. Don’t ask your God for something that is forbidden or not permitted in Islam.

Organize your wishes

It is crucial that you organize your wishes before making dua. This includes dividing them into several distinct categories. Doing so will help you be aware of what you want to hit at a time. It is recommended that these categories get divided into Dunya, akhira, relationship, and Ibadah. After dividing them, start adding wishes that suit each category. You can ask Allah for them all together, there is nothing wrong with that. This tip just helps you to organize your prayers so you don’t mix all of them together.

Choose an adequate timing

As we mentioned, there is no right or wrong timing or place for making Duaa, since Allah SWT hears us anywhere and anytime. But there are some specific timings that are suitable for sitting and asking Allah for your wishes. These timings are before iftar in Ramadan after fasting, Qiyam el Lail, and in sujood during your salah. They are suitable for making dua because this is where you tend to worship Allah and be more connected.

Use the right way

In this part, you need the right way to properly make dua from Allah. You should start with praising Allah SWT. and then, you can now ask him to bless his Prophet Muhammed (PBUH). And finally, resume by using the previously written wishes that you divided into different categories. There is no guideline, rather Feel free to choose which one to ask first. Think of priorities and ask your gut for guidance.

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