Male Modest Fashion – The Next Big Thing?

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Modesty has been on the rise in the fashion sphere in the past few years. But while this diverse representation of Muslims in fashion has been widely dominated by women, let’s not forget that there are fashion-conscious Muslim men too.

In the context of guarding one’s modesty, it goes beyond just covering up body parts with garments. It’s a way of being and true virtue. Truthfully, the aspect of modesty in gender roles is heavily focused on women, compared to men.

It should be well noted that both Muslim men and women are expected to show modesty in the way they dress. Some interpretations of Islam require a certain dress code. For example, Muslim men should cover themselves from the navel to the knees. With so much spotlight focused on female modest fashion, the male modest fashion, on the other hand, is still considerably nascent.

Shannie, a founder of a modest modelling agency called Umma Models is part of a community trying to inspire a new fashion genre and boost male modest fashion, which is considerably still nascent.

In an interview with BBC, Shannie said: “When it comes to the Muslim men in the industry, no one really knows what their requirements are and it’s often misconstrued to say that they could show themselves in underwear or have their chest out, and even be in rooms with just women.”

Lewis, a ‘modest’ male model from the UK said he wants other Muslims to understand that you can incorporate what you think is fashionable and what you think is modest.

“We love wearing ripped denim, ripped denim’s a huge market now. Everyone is wearing them. It’s the biggest trend.

“We’re finding individuals who previously would have loved this idea of modesty, infringing somewhat upon that principle simply because it looks good,” he said.

Ilyas Morrison, a modest fashion designer said while we often hear the narrative that it’s always about what females have to wear, males have obligations too.

“We haven’t actually solved or satisfied the demand for a modest but fashionable balance of clothing.

“Modesty doesn’t have to be a concept which is restrictive,” he said.

Perhaps we could foresee Islamic male modest fashion as the next big trend in the fashion world soon.

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