Married couples should read these 5 tips for happy life

Marriage Contributor
married couple

Every married couple hopes for a fulfilling marriage. Many of them try to achieve that goal by doing their maximum, but marriage sometimes arrives at a place where it loses its excitement. Some might have houses, expensive cars, prestigious lifestyles and still, they fail to keep things on good terms. Therefore, there are some essentials that married couples should bear in mind in order to achieve a happy marriage.

Here are 5 steps to keep in mind to have a healthy marriage:


Marriage counts as a deep commitment between two people. It is a contract, far from love and affection that are portrayed in the movies or love novels. In real life, it demands two people, fully devoted to each other and committed to one another. Sometimes married couples experience ups and downs, or bad times and good times, and that’s where love seems to play a minor role. Commitment and mutual trust are what stay and keep things working. Therefore, any married couple, no matter what happens during their journey, should keep their promise and remain committed to each other, and put the effort into making things work out.

Quality time

There are times where married couples find themselves stuck in a vicious cycle or a life routine that prevents them from having quality time together like any love partner. They get used to a daily routine that eventually leads to deteriorating their “togetherness”. To prevent this, or perhaps to fix it, it is crucial for married couples to spend time together, plan a trip, go for a walk, have dinner somewhere new, and many more. The only priority in their lives should be their own happiness and to maintain a healthy partnership. There is a huge demand for disconnecting from anything around and just enjoy time together on a deeper level.


Communicate, communicate and communicate! There is no need to stress this even more. Due to the busy life of any married couple, whether it is because of work, children, or house chores, they need to communicate. It doesn’t necessarily mean

making the other person feel dizzy. What it means here is to communicate feelings, such as desires, fears, anxieties, or hopes. It can include future plans, maybe for them or for their children, or both. The important thing is to keep a connection with the other partner to the maximum extent possible. This is due to the fact that communication counts as the basis for trust, love, and care.


Remarkably, in an era of technological availability, married couples sometimes find themselves falling into the trap of staying hours on social media or playing video games. This is a big no-no if it is in an exaggerated way. Unplugging from the devices around is crucial since they count as one of the forces distracting married couples from maintaining a healthy marriage life. It could prevent them from communicating together or spending time, and as mentioned above, these are important keys for maintaining a successful marriage.


No one is perfect, and surely your partner as well. Mistakes happen during the marriage, therefore, it requires a huge amount of forgiveness and patience. Marriage demands forgiveness so that life would continue, and patience to have the energy to work things out and learn from mistakes. Selfishness and attacking each other would lead to nowhere but frustration, and sadly, a separation. The couple should have patience and understanding about each other, rather than judgments and lack of appreciation.

Accomplishing a healthy and successful marriage requires effort, but it is totally worth it. It is important to prioritize your relationship and to keep investing in making it the best. If married couples followed the steps mentioned above, there is a high chance that their marriage would reach a better point and improvements would take place. It all starts from the inside, so start today.


(Written by freelancer Yara Lotfy)