Medical staff go on strike in Pakistan

World Grigory Matyunin 07-Apr-2020
Doctor, personal protective equipment
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Two hospitals in Quetta, Pakistan saw doctors going on strike on Tuesday over lack of personal protective equipment. On the previous day, the police resorted to force in order to quell protests from healthcare staff.

At least 30 medics were detained by the authorities for violating a ban on public gatherings amid a lockdown. Hundreds were protesting the failure to supply protective gear.

Cardiologists and obstetricians continued to work in case of emergencies, but the industrial action has spread throughout the Balochistan province. According to Dr Wasim Baig, a local healthcare official, 24 healthcare workers in the economically deprived province were infected.

Provincial authorities have criticised the strike action, claiming that those participating were not working directly with covid-19 victims and that frontline staff had sufficient protective equipment.