Meet The Youngest Student To Enroll into Ireland’s Royal College of Surgeons

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The teenage phase is often a time for experimentation, self-discovery and carefree days. This young 16-year-old Malaysian gentleman named Emir Haady Imran Zulharnain certainly knows how to make the best out of his teen years and to top it off, he’s got his future all figured out.

Emir has been the talk of the town lately for achieving something most 16 year-olds would only dream of, and that is being accepted at the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons (RCSI) in Dublin.

This means, at 16, he will be the youngest student ever to be enrolled at the highly acclaimed institution.

Wait – how is that possible?

Well, according to theSun, Emir completed his UK International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) examination and passed with flying colors at STARS International Academy in Malaysia at just 14!

The good grades led the young whizkid to sit for his A-levels at 15, and he eventually scored A for subjects like Chemistry, Maths as well as A+ for Physics.

Jaws dropped when it was noted he only had 10 months to prepare for the exam!

His desire to study medicine is highly influenced by his parents who are also doctors on top of his deep passion for the discipline.

“My father is doing just that. He works very hard and loves what he does. I would like to emulate him.

“I can’t see myself doing life any other way than by being a doctor,” said the youngest of four to theSun.

“I initially wanted to become an astronaut, but as I grew older, at 11 I started to like a medicine a lot.

The teen became intrigued when learning about the heart during biology class. “The heart just fascinates me – how it works – and I just want to do what I love which is to become a heart surgeon.”

Source and photo: theSun