Memorable Night By Tulus

Senses Syahirah Mokhtazar 07-Aug-2019

One of the best things about attending concerts is witnessing that hair-raising magical moment in the crowd when the artiste emerges on stage after much anticipation. Eyes are wide open and glued to the stage, smiles are from ear to ear, and emotions overflow with excitement, you could almost taste it.

Indonesian singer Tulus triggered that effect among fans in Malaysia as he walked on stage at the Plenary Hall in Kuala Lumpur City Centre, for his second concert in the country, for the second consecutive year.

It’s a big year for the gentle giant of Minangkabau descent as he celebrates his 8th year in the music industry. His facial expression said it all that night – grateful and ecstatic to be back in Malaysia as he was welcomed with open arms by a legion of jubilant fans. A lot of them were familiar faces from his first concert held in Istana Budaya (Palace of Culture) in Kuala Lumpur as well.

Backed by an impressive 21-piece band, the night was filled with the jazz-influenced arrangement, laced with R&B pop.

After the band performed its Overture, Tulus kicked off the night with an oldie but a goodie, titled ‘Baru’ before continuing the night with ‘Jatuh Cinta’ and ‘Gajah,’ a crowd favorite.

He’s quite the funny guy, often being spontaneous with his words on stage and even harmlessly poking fun at the organizers for preparing a specific text for him to read at the prompter, claiming he’s never had to do that before. He offered a few more spontaneous jokes, much to the delight of the audience.

Continuing the momentum, Tulus swooned the audience with more songs like ‘Ruang Sendiri,’ and ‘Tukar Jiwa’ before hitting it off with ‘Cahaya’ and ‘Taman Pesta.’

The energy was kicked up a notch when fans sang in unison to one of his most popular tunes, ‘Monokrom’, a song Tulus dedicated to his friends and loved ones for sticking with him throughout his journey in life.

The highlight of the concert was when he took a cut from transmitting his signature jazz and R&B flair to sing an ode to his Minangkabau roots with a medley of traditional Minangkabau songs. It’s nice to know he values his Indonesian upbringing, as he often mentions so throughout the show.

More songs like ‘Tergila-gila,’ ‘Sepatu,’ ‘Tanggal Merah,’ ‘Teman Hidup’ was performed that night but things turned into quite the party when the sporting audience danced and sang along to his song ‘Lagu Untuk Matahari.’

The two-hour show was wrapped up with ‘Pamit’ and an empowering tune, ‘Manusia Kuat,’ leaving fans feeling satisfied to their heart’s content as Tulus took his final bow for the night.

Thank you Tulus, for a very memorable night. Till next year time!