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The memory of the child is pure and clean, free of problems and tensions unlike adults. At the same time the memorization capability of a child works like an efficient machine. Once he commits things to memory then he forgets them hardly. Thus, a child can learn faster as compared to adults and can be better preserved. Here are some questions in order to know the best ways to utilize this talent.

What should a Muslim child memorize?

Today, many Muslim children are memorizing songs and TV commercials instead of learning Quran and the Prophet Hadeeths. Some parents think that Quran and beneficial knowledge are difficult for children to memorize but actually they do not realize the capabilities of a child’s memory. Hence, they start storing nonsense things from TV and do not utilize their talent in useful way. Here, parents are responsible to utilize their talent in a best possible way that benefits the child throughout his life. Things that the child needs to memorize, the priorities are:

1. The Noble act of memorizing Quran

Learning Quran is a noble act and is not limited to children; but it is also beneficial for parents who help their children in memorizing the Holy Quran. Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) said:” Whoever reads the Quran, learns it and acts according to it will be made to wear on the Day of Resurrection a crown of light whose like is like the light of the sun and his parents will be made to wear two garments and the whole world is not as good as they are. They will ask, ‘Why are we made to wear these?” They will be answered, “Because of your child learning the Quran.” [Al-Haakim]

2. The Prophet Hadeeth

After Quran, the Prophet’s Ahadeeth are of great importance. Parents or educators needs to help children memorize at least one Ahadeeth daily according to their age. Thus, it will benefit them a lot, while memorizing it they will try to adopt those Ahadeeths in their daily lives. Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) said:

“A father gives his child nothing better than a good education”

3. Athkaar and supplications

Supplications include those said upon eating, waking up, sleeping, entering the bathroom, athkaar of prayer as well as using means of transportation. If you want your child to memorize the supplications and daily Athkaar, the best way is that they must watch and hear adults saying them at the proper time so that they will directly learn from you. Ibn Abbbas may Allah be pleased with him said,” I was in the house of my aunt Maymoonah when the Athaan was announced. The Prophet (PBUH) went out for prayer, saying;” O Allah, provide me with light in my heart, light in my tongue, light in front of me, light above me, light above ne, and strengthen my light).” [Ibn Khuzaymah]

4. Meaningful poetry and Islamic Nasheeds

The child must not be allowed to memorize cheap poetry and profligate poems instead they should be taught meaningful poetry and short poems. This will develop the child’s passion towards his religion. Educators and adults need to expose the children to the poetry of Mustafa Saadiq Ar-Raafi’I, Imam Ash-Shaafi’I, Yoosuff Al-Qaradhaawi and collections from other good poets.

Memorizing some meaningful Islamic Nasheeds is of no harm for children, it will purify their souls. A child can learn moral values and quotations that contain guidance to particular etiquettes and admonitions, such as Ibn Mas’ood may Allah be pleased with him said:

“Whoever is given goodness, it is Allah The Almighty Who has given him; whoever is protected from evil, it is Allah

The Almighty Who has protected him,”

When can a child memorize?

The best time for memorization is early morning after fajar, the child neither be full nor hungry. Child is able to memorize at the age of three, and best time is from five to fifteen.

Appreciate child for memorization

Reward is the best motivation for a child on his achievements. Reward can either be morally by encouraging him to recite whatever he memorizes in front of friends or family gatherings, or it can be materially by giving some money or gifts for his achievements. The father of Ibraaheem ibn Ad-ham may Allah have mercy upon him said to him,” O my son, learn the Prophet Hadeeth; whenever you hear and memorize one Hadeeth, I will give you one dirham.” Ibraheem said,’ this was a reason that motivated me to learn the Prophetic traditions.”

Keep the child away from obstacles of memorization

Nervous tension and agitation are the major obstacles of memorization. In sever nervous tension one is not able to focus properly and agitation badly affects the processes of brain, such as thinking, understanding and remembering. Ta’leem Al-Muta’llim fi Tareeq Ar-Ta’allum, Az-Zamooji may Allah have mercy upon him said in his book that “the cause of forgetfulness are misdeeds, grief, sins, sadness for worldly matters, and plenty of business and occupations.”

Parents need to keep check on their children and keep them away from all types of bad deeds whether watching them, listening them or attending. According to Ibn al-Qayyim may Allah have mercy upon him in his book Al-Jawab al-Kaafi, “sins spoil mind. The mind has a special light and that light will be turned off by sins. When this light is switched off, the formidability of the mind weakness and decreases.”

Parents need to take care of child’s mental and physical health as it has great impact on memorization. We need to supplicate Allah the Allmighty to bless our child with talent of memorization, knowledge and understanding and follow them. Ameen

“Memorizing Quran is the worship of heart.”



(Written by freelance journalist Sadaf Riaz)

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