Memorize the Quran, this will shape the future of your child

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The kids have a clear and pure memory which is way different from us adults. Our memory is usually overloaded with troubles and anxieties. We hover on old bitter memories and prevent the new ones. On the other hand, a child’s memory is impeccably rapid. He or she quickly learns a new thing and the previously learned things get stored in the hindsight of the memory. Therefore, as a concerned parent, we should take care of what should our kids memorize.

What should the child memorize?

Many Muslim kids today know the names of the filmstars or sportspersons, but hardly any of them knows what Allah said in Qur’an. Memorizing Qur’an and Hadeeth is not included in their curriculum. Some of us even say that it is difficult for kids to learn and understand Qur’an and Hadeeth. This is untrue. Most of us don’t actually understand the capacity of a kid’s memory. Hence, we do not encourage them to use their brains and memorizing abilities. As a consequence, they get stuck in Television programs.

We should encourage them as memorizing Quran and Hadeeth will shape their future and piety.

In order for the things that our children should learn, the priorities are as follows:

1. The Holy Quran

Not only kids but also their parents to learn the book of Almighty Allah. Our beloved Prophet (SAW) has said,

“Whoever reads the Quran, learns it and acts according to it will be made to wear on the Day of Resurrection a crown of light whose like is like the light of the sun and his parents will be made to wear two garments and the whole world is not as good as they are. They will ask, ‘Why are we made to wear these?’ They will be answered, “Because of your child learning the Quran.” [Al-Haakim]

2. Hadeeth or the Prophet’s narration

A child should memorize the Hadeeth after Qur’an. We should select short and easy pieces, to begin with. Also, the pieces should be understandable and suitable for children. It has been heard that the daughter of Imam Maalik stood behind the door during her father’s lesson to check if his students are reciting correct Hadeeth or not.

3. Athkar along with supplications and Nasheeds

The instructions upon eating, sleeping, praying, using the washroom, and the Athkar of the prayers should also be taught. The best way to make kids memorize these by setting an example of a practicing adult. When they watch and hear adults recite them continuously, they will learn.

The kid may also learn some meaningful short poems or songs ( Nasheeds) from real Arabic literature.

When should a kid start memorizing?

Scholars say a kid can start memorizing at the age of three. But the golden period of learning is from the age of five to sixteen. We should teach our children that they should start memorizing after completing the Fajr prayer. The morning is the best time to comprehend knowledge. Also, a child should not eat excessively which will cause obesity, laziness, and weak intelligence.

Reward your children

The best way to make a kid memorize is to reward him in his every progress. He or she should receive encouragement and support. We should also give some small token gifts to make our kids happy.

It is said in Hadeeth that, the father of Ibraaheem ibn Ad-ham said to him, “O my son, learn the Prophetic Hadeeth; whenever you hear and memorize one Hadeeth, I will give you one dirham.” Ibraaheem said, “This was a reason that motivated me to learn the Prophetic traditions.”

We should remember that Allah has granted our kids the talent of memorization and learning, therefore, we should never forget to supplicate him.

Enjoy Ali Huda! Exclusive for your kids.