Midnight Sun Mosque: How it reached the northern tip of America?

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Midnight Sun Mosque

Canada’s Midnight Sun Mosque arrived safely in Inuvik, Northwest Territories, in 2010. Despite the various Islamophobic incidents we tend to hear about, the Muslim community living in the Arctic town was rewarded for their faith. What’s influential about such a mosque was the tough but meaningful journey behind its building. If it had to prove anything, it would be that faith in God and community efforts definitely pay off. Building a proper place for worship was the best gift for the growing Muslim community.

Here’s what we know about The Midnight Sun Mosque and its long journey

Small Mosque

The Muslim community living in Inuvik, a small town in Canada’s northwest territories, was striving for an adequate mosque. It was growing until it reached 3500 people, leaving no choice but to replace the 50-years old mosque they’re using. The old mosque or trailer had a one-bedroom, thus, Muslims found it impossible for them all to fit in it. Therefore, a transportation company decided to handle the mission and to deliver a prebuilt 1,554-square-foot building.

The money used to build and deliver such a building was raised and collected by The Zubaidah Tallab Foundation, located in Manitoba. It took two years of fundraising, planning, and hard work to achieve that goal. The total cost of such a project estimated around $300,000 and saved Inuvik from higher costs of materials and labor.

Long journey

The Midnight Sun Mosque’s journey was neither easy nor short at all. The trip took more than 4,000km of the route in order to arrive in Inuvik. During the trip, the semi-trailer taking the Midnight Sun Mosque to the Arctic town was delayed due to bad weather conditions, small roads, traffic, and ill bridges. The over-sized mosque made it hard to be on roads, nor on the barge. Making things far complicated, the pre-fabricated mosque almost fell.

Thankfully, it was managed to cross-rivers carefully but slowly, which took time. From Winnipeg to Inuvik, the Midnight Sun Mosque had a very long road and floated on a barge to reach the hopeful Islamic community. Finally, after a 3-week journey, it reached the port. The Inuvik Muslims celebrated the long-awaited mosque with prayers, photos, and praise. It was more as a historical event for the Muslim crowd witnessing its arrival in the port.

Simple retouches

When the little Midnight Sun Mosque arrived in Inuvik town, it was all in one piece but it needed some retouches to be fully ready. It took a month of adding simple touches to the mosque, on the inside and outside, to make it usable. Since the Midnight Sun Mosque’s story was spread across towns, a carpenter called Fargat came all the way from another town to help out. The Midnight Sun Mosque was missing a minaret; therefore, Fargat built a 10-meter minaret beside it.

Famous for being the most northerly mosque in North America, the Islamic community chose to call it the Midnight Sun Mosque. The name was inspired by all the hard work, faith, and unity put into having that mosque. This long journey shows that anything could be done but when we are acting together, as a community. It’s a story of faith.


(Written by freelancer Yara Lotfy)

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