Mindfulness meditation and spiritual dangers

Psychology Yara Lotfy
Mindfulness meditation
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Mindfulness meditation has been gaining popularity because of its well-known mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical benefits. Practicing mindfulness can help you to be stress-free and more balanced on the inside. People tend to lean toward this type of meditation to escape certain feelings, past traumas, or any negativity they experience in their lives. However, this is not always the case. Like everything else in life, there are potential spiritual risks associated with mindfulness that you might not be aware of.

Negative feelings

Mindfulness meditation is here to help you escape the negative thoughts and feelings that you face on a daily basis. However, some can experience delusions and irrational thoughts after their sessions. As a result, for those already suffering from procrastination, these thoughts can turn into a serious lack of motivation. We’re not only referring to lack of work, but also lack in doing any activities that you previously liked, similar to depression. Since mindfulness meditation can bring up old memories that you suppressed a long time ago, this can trigger panic, fear, anxiety and depression. Reliving traumatic experiences all over again can disempower you.

Physical troubling side-effects

Your sensories could be affected. Practicing mindfulness meditation can alert your taste, smell and sight. Parts of this alteration are hallucinations, visions, and seeing “white light sparks”. However, experiencing such visions could affect your expectations that you end up feeling frustrated of not getting what you hoped for. Despite the fact that some perceive mindfulness meditation as an internal process, it has an effect on your external body. Too much of it can lead to negative changes in your systems, such as frequent headaches, involuntary movements, pressure, dizziness and body pain.

Shattered sense of self

As cliche as it sounds, the most meaningful relationship you have is the one with yourself. Practicing mindfulness meditation can hurt your self-perception. When you start shifting the way you look at yourself, it will eventually affect the relationship you have with others. When you start to be more aware of your negative qualities, your true self will be revealed. You might experience feelings such as loss of self-esteem and control. As a result, the boundaries between you and the outer world will become blurred.

Mindfulness meditation grows selfishness

In some cases, too much of mindfulness meditation can make you self-involved and self-centered. Becoming self-aware will eventually lead to uncovering all the negative aspects of your personality that were previously hidden. And among these buried negative personality traits is selfish desires. Revealing such traits is destabilising in itself. Mindfulness meditation recent programs tend to focus merely on the inward, rather than the outward, and that’s the issue. If you need to be mindful, think about turning your perception a little bit on the outside.

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