Mira, A Search Engine For All Things Beauty

The world of beauty continues to merge with technology to better engage consumers. The latest example would be Mira, a newly launched search engine dedicated especially for all things beauty. Now personalized product searches are made super easy.

Its press release states that Mira is designed to empower users to find beauty products that are right for them. “Mira is democratizing the world of beauty by translating millions of product reviews into digestible product synopses,” read the press statement.

Mira makes it easier as it encourages user input. Meaning, you can connect with other consumers and discover recommendations from others who share similar skin type, tones, etc. It’s a community on its own which will likely grow over time as posting questions, answers, reviews and feedback is encouraged.

Say for example, you want to search for the ‘best primers for dry skin’… Mira will lead you to a curated feed of products, reviews and even articles related to primers.

Mira was founded by two Stanford graduates, Jay Hack and Brandon Garcia.

Jay Hack
Brandon Garcia

“We like to think of Mira as the world’s most knowledgeable beauty insider in your pocket. It allows users to ask any beauty questions on their mind and receive answers from real consumers with diverse backgrounds, taking them from beauty consumer to beauty connoisseur,” said Hack.

All this is made easy for beauty consumers thanks to the AI technology used to aggregate the product reviews. The platform also leverages on facial recognition to help consumers find the right products while simultaneously join an active community of diverse consumers.

The app is available via iOS while their search engine is www.askmira.com. They can also be found on Instagram at @askmira.beauty.com.