Money and Happiness: Can there be an ideal balance?

Psychology Tamalika Basu
money and happiness
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Money and happiness, two are seen as the main source behind the comfort and peace of human life. We can even say that money creates happiness, that happiness is firmly established in the embrace of the love of wealth, and that it is a gift from Allah to mankind.

Money and Happiness: Is happiness tied to money?

But is this the unanimous rule that happiness is tied to money? No, I don’t think so. If this were true then all rich people in the world would be happy.

As people say, money is life. Whoever has money, the world is in his hands. If you have the money you will be popular in your society. Everyone wants to be your closer – since money is the most useful thing in the world. Everything you need will be available to you. A luxurious house to live in, a beautiful wife as a life partner and an eye-catching car, and much more you will get through money.

But life is not a flower bed. Money cannot be the purpose of salvation in every step of life. As it is man-made. Since the power of man is limited, the power of his creation will also be limited. This is why we see that even rich people have to go through difficult times in many cases.

Monetary happiness vs the real happiness

Busyness has become an epidemic for the wealthy. Too many promises are disordering their normal lives. They do not have time to take care of their families while maintaining social communication. The youngest in the family who need the most care are the ones who suffer the most. Undoubtedly, we see more crime among their children only due to lack of parental rule and extra freedom.

That is enough to predict the suffering and unrest of the rich. So we clearly see that it is one thing to be rich and another thing to live happily ever after. To live a happy life, you must have contentment in your heart. A person does not have to be a millionaire to get real happiness, but he will get a taste of real happiness only when he is satisfied with what he gets.

A recent survey found that the level of happiness between the very rich individuals on the Forbes 400 and the Maasai herdsman of East Africa is almost the same.

Money and marital happiness

Love is another thing that man can’t buy with money. If we say that money and love are complementary, in the sense that money increases mutual trust, then we are at least somewhat correct. Because if there is money behind love to support it, then there is some relief. But if we mean that money is an essential element of love, and love will not grow without it, then our guess is wrong.

We live in a society where women have full freedom to choose their life partner. The first demand of most women will be affectionate love. Naturally, women tend to be a little more caring as a result of their soft hearts. And so they bow down to affectionate love. Women usually face a little difficult decision-making. But love is first and foremost in their needs.

It is true that some women run after money, considering money as the first criterion of marriage. But it will always be taken as an exception. And we all know that in the midst of so much wealth and aristocracy, there is usually a terrible amount of hardship and misery in the fate of these marriages.

The relationship between Money and Happiness

All in all, I believe that in order to understand the relationship between money and happiness, we need to understand the role of money in our lives and how it should be spent. Because psychologists are beginning to realize that one of the possible causes of the plight of rich people depends on how they spend their resources.

The relationship between happiness and money is described by the fact that while money does not help people to be happy, happiness does help people to acquire money.