Mosque of the Divinity: A plush ocean view

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Mosque of the divinity
The Mosque of Divinity in Dakar, Senegal. Photo : Dreamstime

Although a 20th-century structure, the mosque of the Divinity (also known as the Great Mosque of Ouakam) has a 21st century unique architectural design. It is a well known fact that architecture is a reflection of society. Senegal, a country in west Africa has a rich cultural and natural heritage and it is known for its delicious cuisines. It is no wonder the Mosquee de la Divinite is a breathtaking structure.

About the Mosque of the Divinity

The mosque of the Divinity is located in Dakar, Senegal, precisely (on one of the beaches) at Route de la Corniche Ouest, Ouakam. It is believed that in 1973, a holy man, named Mohamed Gorgui Seyni Gueye (born 1926 and died 2007), had a dream to build a grand mosque on the beach and he strictly adhered to the instructions. Two decades later, his dream became a reality – “a splendid mosque on the beach”.

This incident is also believed to be the origin of the mosque’s name. The members of the mosque built it voluntarily and all of those who were involved in its construction were not paid any money. The project which started on the 2nd of May 1992, took about five years plus, and wasn’t completed until 1st of October 1997.

The congregation of the mosque celebrated the 20th anniversary of its completion in 2017 and the women wasted no time in preparing meals for the celebration.


The intriguing fact about this mosque is that it was built manually, without the help of cranes or other construction machines. Mosquee de la Divinite is a masterpiece designed by the architect Cheikh Ngom (also likely to be the designer of Mosque de Tivaouane). The mosque, which is positioned right next to the seashore within an ancient fishing village of Ouakam, has two minarets.

Each minaret is 45m long and gives an exceptional view of the Atlantic Ocean. Stairs that lead to the beach were built in order for an easy reach to the mosque. Mosquee de la Divinite is an exclusive architectural monument that blends elements of modernism with traditional Islamic design. It is considered one of the city’s greatest architectural accomplishments and it exemplifies the distinctive Senegalese stone work.

Tourism of the Mosque of the Divinity

Whenever a tourist visits Senegal, this mosque is always a highly recommended site to see, not only because of its perfect size and landscape but also because it provides a magnificent view of the Atlantic Ocean. The view of the mosque, from the cliffs around, with the ocean as a background, presents a flawless and ideal scenery. From the time the mosque was unveiled, it has become an important pilgrimage site for the Muslims of Senegal and a breathtaking tourist attraction.

Its many impressive curved points, and the fact that it is a dream that became a reality, has made it a place where people always consider a worthwhile visit. Non-Muslims cannot enter the mosque but they can only take pictures of the exterior and can also explore the surrounding streets and markets. The mosque can be reached by boat, otherwise by road with a cab or by taking the flight of stairs

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