Mosque to visit after covid-19 ends(5): Chechnya mosque

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Akhmad Kadyrov mosque, Chechnya Grozny
The Heart of Chechnya Mosque, Grozny, Russia © Leonid Andronov |

As we continue praying to Allah, wishing health and safety to our close ones. And the virus continues to spread among countries. Undoubtedly, such majors reforms in the world are part of God’s plan. Wishing perhaps to set us on a slightly different path than our current one.

Anyway, staying at home gives us a unique opportunity to take some time exploring the history and culture of wonderful iconic mosques around the world!

Among the mosques of the northern hemisphere, the palatial Heart of Chechnya mosque (also known as the Akhmad Kadyrov mosque) is certainly one that will leave you breathless where you stand.

Referred to as the Heart of Chechnya. And this temple to god has certainly become quite Iconic to the people through the love and caring detail incorporated into each casement, wall and ceiling. Radiant letters of the finest gold are inscribed into the opulent walls. Transcribing some of the most important verses from the Quran.

In 2013, the mosque was designated for an official vote to elect 10 visual symbols of Russia. In this competition for the most impressive and representative architecture in the country. The mosque took second place with 36,8 million votes, only 700,000 votes behind the Kolomna Kremlin.

The exterior design was partially inspired by that of the Blue Mosque in Turkey. As with the architecture of a multitude of others mosques. Nevertheless, despite the vague similarity in the structure of the domes. The two mosques give off a rather different atmosphere, owed perhaps to the golden minarets and calming beige that was used to cover the exterior.

In the night, the top of the minarets and domes majestically light up in a bright royal yellow. It creates a picturesque outline in the sleeping city.

The inner part of the dome is furnished with some 36 majestic crystal chandeliers. This representing the three holiest sites in Islam. The diametrically largest one is put up to honour the grand chandelier of the Mecca Mosque. Eight others, to honour the Masjid al-Nabawi. And the rest, made to resemble those found in the Dome of the Rock.

The area of the Akhmad Kadyrov complex spans over 5,000 m². It contains the Russian University of Islamic Studies, the centre for Spiritual Administration for Muslims. In fact, it is designed so as to accommodate over 10,000 people.

This mosque is a modern architectural tribute to the most important sites in Islam, as well as a visual reminder of the prodigious history of Islam to the people of Chechnya. The proud people whole-heartedly venerate this mosque as it allows them to be reminded of the roots of Islam in their prayer and of the great deeds of our beloved Prophet Muhammed (SAW).

If you are an adventure seeker and a devout Muslim, visiting this most impressive temple of God will be everything you are looking for in your journey. Moreover,  strengthening your Imaan and adding to your cultural capital. 

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