Motion Sense, Face Unlock Features for Google Pixel 4

Seek Syahirah Mokhtazar 02-Aug-2019

Ahead of its anticipated October launch, Google dropped a 22-second video giving a sneak peek of the cool two new features of the Pixel 4 phone.

First, the face unlocks feature. Similar to Apple’s Face ID, this feature allows users to unlock phones in an easy, fast and secure manner. Meaning, the device should be able to recognize the user and only the user without any fuss.

In a blog post by Google, it said that while this feature has grown to become a familiar function among other smartphones, theirs is engineered differently.

While other phones require its users to lift the device, pose in a certain way, wait for it to unlock before swiping to get to the home screen, the Pixel 4 proactively turns on the face unlock sensors in a streamlined way. For example, if the face unlocks sensors and algorithms recognize the user, it will open once it been picked up.

Another cool feature is the motion sense. The Pixel 4 is able to sense small motions around the phone. Meaning, you can actually get things done like silencing phone calls, snoozing alarm clocks or skip songs just by waving your hand. Cool isn’t it? But, do note that the motion sensor feature will only be available in selected countries (not mentioned) come launch day as the feature needs regulatory approval for the radar in some parts of the world.

More and more, technology is getting rid of physical barriers, which means our interactions with devices are becoming frictionless. Perhaps one day we might be able to control a device with our minds, and who knows how people would feel about that? Until then, let’s just wait for Pixel 4 to arrive.

Check out the video below:

Source and photo / video : Google