Motivation and achievements: 7 ways to chase them

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Unquestionably, being highly motivated is a blessing of Allah the Almighty. Motivation is the strength that keeps us going. Allah has created every human being in varying mental and physical capabilities. However, Allah has made our minds capable of adopting certain actions and means. Here, are some motivational boosters, hoping that Allah the Almighty will bless us with it.

1. Sincerity

Motivation will come if you give people compliments. Actually that will reflect your inner true feelings. Indeed, Allah the Almighty is the creator, and only He can ask a person to do noble things. Ibn Al-Qayyim said:

“The righteous intention is like a booster shot for high motivation; when they fuse, one can attain his [or her] sublime objectives.”

2. Truthfulness

Being truthful, matters a lot, both to us as individual and to society as a whole. The person who is honest in his actions and determination is a highly motivated person. As individuals, being truthful means that we are mature enough that we can learn from our mistakes. While, for a society, truthfulness makes social bonds.

3. Knowledge

Knowledge purifies one’s intentions. It makes a person smarter and enables us to solve problems easily. When a person gets power of knowledge, is not dependent on physical strength. His motivation can take up every challenge. Shaykh Muhammad Ismaa’eel says in ‘Uluww Al-Himmah:

“Knowledge makes one aware of the levels of deeds. Hence, he [or she] avoids excessive indulgence in enjoying permissible things, which detract him [or her] from worship, such as overeating or oversleeping, and observes a balance between, and moderation in, rights and duties, regarding which the Prophet said:

“Give each [thing or individual] its due rights.”

Furthermore, knowledge makes us aware that Satan is always there to distract us from the right path which is greater in rewards.

4. Attentiveness for your motivation

By adopting this quality, we start avoiding ill-mannered behavior and carelessness, and it also boosts our motivation to a level that we are restless until we come to inhabit Paradise. If a person desires to enter Paradise must completely avoid the company of reckless. It was

narrated that after the battle of Badr, the Prophet (PBUH) invited Thul-Jawshan Adh-Dhabaabi to Islam, and said:

“Do you not want to be one of the early Muslim?”

On the negative reply of the man, he asked: “What is the reason behind your refusal?” Thul-Jawshan answered,” I saw that your people disbelieved in you, expelled and fought you. If you managed to defeat them, I would believe in you and follow you; otherwise I would not.” Later, Thul-Jawshan regretted that he did not accept the invitation of messenger of Allah to accept Islam.

5. Decisiveness

Sometime we miss out many blessings just because of indecision. Only those who are determined, has a certain motivation, can achieve their goal; therefore, do not destroy yourself with doubts, which only leads to further worries. Instead, go through the sayings of Allah (what means):

And when you have resolved, then rely upon Allah. (Quran 3:159)

And when the matter [of fighting] was determined, if they had been true to Allah, it would have been better for them. (Quran 47:21)

6. Being conscious about values and Honor of the soul

As a human being we need to thank Allah Almighty that he creates us superior among all His creations. This does not mean that man should be proud or arrogant but actually he needs to increase his worth through kindness, nobility, virtuous deeds, enlightened mind and bring honesty within his soul.

Remember that the Angles of Allah Almighty in heavens used to worship Allah Almighty day and night, who never sleep yet do not attain any exalted degree. On the other hand, Allah the most merciful praises those people who leave their beds in order to worship Him, He says:

“Their sides forsake their beds.” (Quran 32:16)

There are many Angles in sky, who never drink or taste food, but there is no difference? On the contrary, when a human being fasts, He or she is praised by Allah Almighty and His messenger who said:

“The breath of the fasting person is sweater to Allah than the fragrance of musk.’

We will become highly motivated by searching our souls and then value it and thank Allah Almighty for all His blessings.

7. Supplication

This factor is the nearest gate to all type of blessings; the Prophet (PBUH) said:

“The most miserly of people is the one who is mean with [offering] greetings; and the most incapable [of them] is the one who is unable of making supplication.”

The sincerity of our supplication brings provide us hope, bring the feelings of closeness to Allah and increasing faith. The Prophet said:

“There is nothing [of acts of worship] that is more honorable [in the sight of Allah] than invocation.”

May Allah keep us loyal in our faith and allow us to turn to Him in all times. AMEEN


(Written by Freelance Journalist Sadaf Riaz)

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