Mumps outbreak in British universities due to opting out of vaccine

Uncategorized Faizah Kamal 12-Dec-2019

Hundreds of students have been struck down by a severe outbreak of mumps that is spreading across British universities.

Public Health England figures show that more than 7,200 suspected mumps cases have been reported in the UK since July – almost triple the same period last year.

Health officials stated that students were driving the surge and urged any who missed out on the MMR jab to get vaccinated.

In recent weeks, outbreaks of the highly infectious disease have been reported at universities including Edinburgh, Cambridge, Oxford and Bristol.

The surge in cases is linked to a decline in uptake of the MMR vaccine two decades ago. The current generation of students were born at the height of a mass health scare triggered in 1998, when now-disgraced doctor Andrew Wakefield made a link between the vaccine and autism.