Muslim Compliant Web Environment

We are proud to be Muslims.

We believe that Islam is timeless and that Muslims can and should keep up with the times.

We believe, therefore, that Muslims should embrace new technologies, not hide from them. Because technology is a means and not an end in itself.

Yet, by embracing the new we shouldn’t forget Allah, our community, our family, and ourselves.

The sad reality is that the tools we use to surf the Web are a minefield. They are far more sophisticated, treacherous and dangerous than most people can imagine.

They spy, they lie, they distort.

That is why we asked independent bodies to look into our products and assess if they are compliant with Islamic laws and ethical standards.

SalamWeb is the world’s first browser and digital ecosystem certified as compliant with Islamic law and ethical standards by Amanie Shariah Supervisory Board. We are also endorsed by Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation as compliant with the Islamic Digital Economy Guide (Mi’yar).

We believe that every Muslim should be able to use the Internet without compromising their faith and their conscience.