NASA sending first woman and first person of color to the Moon

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Landing mission
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The plan was cooking there for a couple of years but it only last year that NASA started shaping its Lunar mission Artemis. The mission is named after the Greek Moon goddess and the twin sister of the god Apollo. In 1968, NASA led the first crewed mission to the Moon, and then in 1969, NASA sent the very first crewed landing mission on the Moon with their Apollo programs. NASA made a couple of successful crewed landing missions on the Moon after that monumental incident in the history of mankind. After almost five decades, now NASA is preparing for another crewed landing mission on the Moon by 2024.

‘A new first’ landing mission

So far, all the astronauts who landed on the Moon were white men. NASA’s acting administrator Steve Jurczyk told in a press release about the mission’s new goal: to land the first woman on the moon and also send the first person of color to the lunar surface. In November 2020, NASA introduced the staff for the mission. The crew includes a total of 18 astronauts which includes 9 women and several people of color. Though it has not been decided who amongst them will be the first woman or person of color on the Moon, yet.

What is the mission goal of Artemis?

The main goal of Artemis is to create a sustainable presence near the Moon. Though the program was conceived during former president Trump’s tenure, this was well received by president Biden and his budget request for 2022 includes $24.7 billion for NASA. A sufficient amount from that would be used to develop new hardware for the mission.

In a statement, Jurczyk added, “The resources would be used to continue advancing America’s bipartisan Moon to Mars space exploration plan. It will increase NASA’s ability to better understand Earth and further monitor and predict the impacts of climate change.” All eyes are now on this historic ‘inclusive’ mission which is supposed to be launched in 2024.

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