National park to save koalas from extinction

ID 18716872 © Paul Hampton |

It is feared that koalas may become extinct within three decades in New South Wales, Australia, if their numbers continue to decline on their present trajectory.

A parliamentary report was commissioned following wildfires which destroyed their habitats and killed 5,000 koalas. “Without urgent government intervention, they will become extinct in New South Wales before 2050,” the inquiry found.

It has been estimated that the entirety of Australia may only have 43,000 koalas.

It has been recommended that a 315,000 hectare national park would be established on the north coast of New South Wales. Wildlife hospitals would also be constructed to provide veterinary treatment for koalas.

Logging and habitat destruction by people has also been detrimental for koalas. Climate change has also been an important factor in reducing their population.

Matt Kean, the New South Wales environment minister, said koalas were.

“recognised the world over, and a national treasure which we will do everything we can to protect”.


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