New Healthy Restaurant for Children in Dubai

Savour Syahirah Mokhtazar 06-Aug-2019

Child friendly restaurants are a dime a dozen but this one called White and the Bear which recently opened its doors in Jumeirah, Dubai offers a menu that sets itself apart from the rest.

How many times do we encounter nuggets, fries, sugar-loaded drinks, and non-existent vege dishes in the kids menus when dining at restaurants?

It can be frustrating for parents who want to eat out but aren’t able to find a variety of healthy food choices for their children.

If you happen to be around the area, check out White and the Bear as the eatery serves nothing but healthy and organic food for your precious tiny tots.

The restaurant has partnered with children’s food expert and nutritionist from the UK Annabel Karmel, who helped to co-create the colourful and healthy plated dishes.

White and the Bear is owned by couple Hana Al Mulla and Saud Musabih who were also part of the group of frustrated parents who couldn’t find a variety of healthy food when eating out with the children.

“Parents work so hard to develop healthy eating habits in their children but as soon as we go out we expose our children to all sorts of unhealthy and attractive food. The issue just bothered me all the time and my heart went out to all those parents who struggle with getting healthy food for their kids when outdoors,” said Hana to Khaleej Times.

Not just limited to the menu, even the restaurant’s interior is designed for children aged six months to eight years, said Hana.

“All our chairs and tables are only for small kids, but since they have to be accompanied by parents or guardians, I have also kept three tables separately for adults,” she said.

The whole dining experience is interactive as well, as children are made to wear tiny white aprons upon entering the restaurants before getting seated on their chairs by the staff.

Then, they will be brought a menu book with pictures of the different food items they can have, allowing the kids to order themselves from the menu book.

The reason behind this concept was to promote a sense of independence and creativity among children. It’s also a great way to inculcate interest in making healthy choices when it comes to eating.

Other interactive activities also include making their own juices. Kids who order orange juice for example, can help to squeeze oranges using a manual juicer.

What are some of the food items on the menu, you might ask? Among them are spaghetti Bolognese with hidden vegetables, sweet potato veggies, non-spicy butter chicken, hamburgers made of carrots and apples, and more!

Location: Villa 11 Al Athar Street – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Instagram: @whiteandthebear 

Source: Curly Tales 

(Photos: White and the Bear/ The National)