Not paying Zakat might limit your success

Zakat Contributor
Zakat paying
Giving Zakat to the people - night time © Enjoys |

Zakat is the chief element of Islam that has great significance in strengthening our Iman (faith). It is the duty of all muslims who possess the Nisab (minimum wealth threshold with an estimated worth of around 87g of gold) to give Zakat to those in need. When a believer pays Zakat, Allah (SWT) shows great mercy towards him.

Its significance can be concluded by the fact that Allah (SWT) says in the Holy Quran, “Take from their wealth so that you might purify and sanctify them” (Al-Quran 9:103).

It is the Islamic way of performing charity. The teachings of Islam enable Muslims to give a certain amount back to their community to help those in need. Our surrounding is a reflection of our actions. Ultimate happiness lies in selfless acts and Zakat is the system that can bring happiness in the lives of our Muslim acquaintances in need. 

The purpose of Zakat is to help the poor people of our society and provide them with an opportunity to lead a less miserable life. The act is a way of showing gratitude to the countless blessings of Allah (SWT). Zakat creates a ripple effect and with only a single act of kindness. The secret to a cheerful life is to share the bounties with the less fortunate.

Zakat also adds to social stability in economic terms by increasing the circulation of wealth. Thus, it helps build a healthier society. It improves basic standards of living for the more unfortunate and thereby severely decreases the frequency of theft, violence and other criminal activities. Many evils of society are discouraged. It gives everyone the opportunity for another chance in life. 

The simple act of sharing a percentage of your wealth might give a new opportunity of employment for Muslims who are struggling with their financial issues. Such a distribution of wealth can even help some to turn their lives around. It can prove to be quite beneficial for the donor as well as the recipient.

The Holy Prophet (SAW) warns against delaying the payment of Zakat or not paying it at all: “Zakat is never intermingled with any amount of wealth without destroying and rotting it.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari)

Allah (SWT) has promised immense rewards for Muslims who pay Zakat regularly. In fact, Islam teaches us to pay Zakat lest we want to avoid leading a destitute business.

In the Holy Quran Allah (SWT) says, “Who is he that will lend to Allah a goodly loan, then (Allah) will increase it manifold to his credit (in repaying), and he will have (besides) a good reward (i.e. Paradise).” (Surah Al Hadid:11)

Therefore, the timely payment of Zakat can benefit all parts of society and leave a nice warm feeling of the presence of Allah (SWT) in your heart. Creating a sense of selflessness among the people, it brings forth the blessings of Allah (SWT) to each an every one who takes care of others in need through the Zakat.