Obedience to Allah: the True Source of Happiness

Islam for Beginners Contributor
Kid praying in Mosque in concentration © Allies Interactive Services Private Limited | Dreamstime.com

Allah created this world and endowed man with ultimate knowledge of what is best for him. He bestowed reason upon man and permitted Satan to tempt him with a range of desires and dainties knowing well that any person who is a true Muslim will prefer to fast in the name of his Lord rather than to partake of Satan’s titbits. There can be no happiness in Hell’s fire. To find happiness, one must turn to God’s testament. Obedience to Allah is what gives true joy and consolation because Allah strives to do every person good. The way to achieve it is simple, it is to follow the rules of Islam. Whence shall come happiness then? From the realisation that you will be spared Hell’s fire and bestowed with grace in this life and in the hereafter.

Obedience to Allah may be a tough challenge for Muslims living in non-Muslim environments.

They sometimes lose the feeling of happiness and ask if they can be ‘like everyone else’. But wait. It is only seemingly so that you must blend in with the surroundings, that the people around you will snub at your ways and will never accept them. In truth, it all depends on the personality of each particular individual. Be a strong personality and make the world adjust to you not otherwise. This can be achieved by a variety of means. First, it is prayer. Any strength you need can be granted by Allah, depending on how diligently you pray. Once Allah bolsters your character and resolve, you can start showing it to the world around you. Second, it is being creative. Let’s take a situation which is quite common, you’re at a party, no one is wearing a hijab while you do. You feel awkward and think of taking it off. But what if you try and think the reverse. Think in line with the mentality of your non-Muslim friends. Hijab can be fun. Hijab can be trendy. If you keep it on and show the rest of the world what a cool person you are, the rest of the world will follow suite and put on the Hijab, too. Your obedience to Allah shall be a source of your joy on quite a practical level.

Achieving anything in life is a difficult job. “And know that victory comes with patience, relief with affliction, and hardship with ease.” (40 Hadith Nawawi, 19).

Do not expect this path to be an easy one. But hasn’t it been repeated time and again that Allah is testing you for a purpose, that through trial and affliction you earn credits for the Day of Judgment. Renouncing obedience to Allah in this life may cost you dearly in the hereafter. Yet being true to Allah doesn’t mean you must fall out with the rest of the world. Do the job expected of you. Make the world see that being obedient to Allah doesn’t deprive you of the pleasures of this world. Quite the reverse, piety and obedience to God blend in with it quite nicely. Do not shun your profession of faith. There will come a point when it shall be finally accepted by the people around you.

Obedience to Allah is a true source of happiness made easy in Muslim countries but it can give even greater happiness to those who do not live in one, that of overcoming adverse circumstances and coming off with flying colours. Utilising this source is entirely up to you. Allah has told you what to do, go out there and make it work.

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