Packing Tips for The Muslimah

Sights Syahirah Mokhtazar 22-May-2019

“Traveling  – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

Leaving your home to voyage around the world would bring an overwhelming sense of purpose and love for what’s out there in this world. Travelling is exciting, it’s inspiring but it also educates us and humbles us.

While packing differences between Muslims and non-Muslims are not that big of a difference, we do need to take into consideration some extra pointers when packing due to religious obligations we need to fulfil while travelling.

For the Muslim sisters, here are some packing tips for you!



It may be tempting to bring your entire wardrobe, but you would want to ease your journey, not complicate things so the key is to travel light without excluding any important items.


Bring a small prayer mat and travelling prayer robes (made with thinner fabric) so that you can pray anytime, anywhere. Japanese brand Takva offers a selection of innovative Muslim wear and lifestyle products like the Pocket Sejadah (prayer mat) and Prayer Parka which are easy and light to carry around.  Install a compass app in your phone so you don’t have to bring an actual compass when searching for the Qibla’ (Tip: Download SalamWeb browser! It comes with a Qibla compass and prayer time indicator.)


Make things easier by wearing prayer-ready garments too. You might be travelling on a long-haul flight and want to perform your wudhu’ (ablution) but find it a hassle to take off your socks and carry it around, for example. A Malaysian collaborative brand Kaeki offers leggings called Saeri Socks Leggings that have sewn-in socks which you can take off and re-wear it again after performing ablution (wudhu’).


Bring a foldable water bottle or water spray so you can pack along some water, should you need to perform the ablution in a space where tap water isn’t easily accessed.

Pack along a pocket-sized Quran or download Quran apps like Quran by for Android and iPhone for your easy reference.



Roll Hijabs

Packing many hijabs in various colours to match it with your outfit of the day is another factor women tend to overpack. Instead, pack fewer hijabs in universal colours and ones that are made from fabric such as cotton or chiffon, so you can easily roll them up to make room for other garments. Better still, opt for instant hijabs so you don’t have to think about pins and accessories!

Wrinkle free clothing

Bring along wrinkle-free clothing so you can save the hassle of having to iron clothes once you reach your hotel. Brands such as Uniqlo offer a wide variety of clothes that are not only trendy but modest too and comes in various materials that doesn’t require you to iron.

Multi – way garments

If you really want to save space, pack a few clothes that can be styled differently such as a reversible jacket, or a long skirt that can be turned into a maxi dress. This helps to save space and time when deciding what to wear!


Store small items such as bracelets, combs, necklaces, medication all in clear zip lock bags and label them. That way, you can easily find your items without messing up your luggage. Another tip on packing light is to store moisturisers, facial cleansers and lotions in smaller containers such as contact lense cases, as you wouldn’t be needing so much for your entire trip.