Paint Your Nails Pretty With These Halal Nail Polish

Style Syahirah Mokhtazar 18-May-2019

Breathable nail polish has been a game changer for Muslim women who still want to rock beautifully painted nails without having to painstakingly remove and reapply it in between prayers.

The great thing about halal-certified nail polish is that it is water permeable so it allows hydration to pass through. Now, various brands have released halal nail polish with a wide variety of colours leaving Muslim women spoilt for choice. Check out some of these halal nail polish brands!



Nailberry is a multi-award winning L’Oxygene range which has been developed to deliver a healther manicure with no compromise. Each shade has been formulated to be vegan & gluten free, breathable, moisture permeable, certified halal. The brand was founded by Sonia Hully and started as a luxury Nail Bar based in Chelsea London, before it swiftly transitioned into a range of multi-award-winning premium polishes. Nailberry offers a bevy of colours within its many collections which you can find simply by clicking on ‘The Collections’ on its website. Check out the brand here.




This brand needs no introduction, but it should be noted that it was one of the first cosmetic companies to create a porous polish with their line of O2M Breathable Nail Enamel back in 2013. This brand is widely adored because of its long-lasting make-up products. Rummage through the brand’s selection of nail care products and you can find breathable versions of top coats, base coats, enamel colours and more. Check out the selection here.




This brand is family owned and was established since 1975 and its headquarters is in Los Angeles, California. Orly prides itself by keeping hot on the heels of the latest trends, and this translates to creating a wide range of fun and attractive colours for women who want their nails lookin’ pretty all day everyday. Besides nail polish, Orly also provides a comprehensive line of products that help to noursh and protect the nails. Explore more of Orly here.




The story of how this brand got its name is pretty sweet. A lovestruck husband was determined to create a halal nail polish for his wife to make up for not being able to give her the simplest luxuries. The day he introduced her to his successful formula, it was a Tuesday. Thus, Tuesday In Love was born. The brand offers a rainbow of shades is halal certified by ISNA Canada. Shop the products here, they also offer a range of cosmetics, hijab and accessories.




SO.LEK Cosmetics is a halal Malaysian cosmetics brand that was launched in 2016. This brand was founded by two siblings, Dahlia Nadirah and Luqman Hakim.  They have a variety of make-up products under the brand from bb cushions, to eyeliners and lip care as well as their range of nail polish aptly named Kilat by So.Lek. With about 13 colours available, the Kilat range is easy to apply and easy to remove, water permeable, peelable and it’s cruelty-free. Shop the brand here.


Cover photo credit: freepik